Photo Diary: Antwerpen

Happy weekend everyone! Today I have a brand new Photo Diary post for you! Last week I went a day to Antwerpen with some of my friends and I thought I would share the photos with you. I didn't take many photos, just some of pretty things (and a lot of photos with my friends I won't share). I hope you will like it!

I'm aware that these photos aren't superpretty but that's because we (me and my friends) were mainly busy filming everything. I was doubting if I'd share the video we made but I decided I'm just going to do it. Keep in mind that we are all Dutch and therefor speak Dutch but don't worry, there isn't a lot talking in this video (don't forget to click HD).

Well, I hope you enjoyed this photo diary post and I hope you enjoyed my vlog! have a lovely day!


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