No Buy March Challenge

This is post might be very irrelevant to you but I'm writing it anyway. Lately (actually since forever) I've been spending way too much money. Clothes, Makeup and loads of other stuff and now it needs to stop (for a while at least). It has gotten to the point where I have hardly any money left and my savings are lower then ever. This is obviously a problem and at the end of every month I come the conclusion that I (again) have nothing left to save for later. Therefor I have decided that I'm not going to spend anything this month, the last things I bought, I bought last Friday and I'm not planning on spending any money this March. I don't need anything and since I live with my parents I don't have food to buy or a lot of bills to pay. The only thing I can think off that I need to pay at the end of this month is my phone bill but that's all.

I've tried to not spend anything for a month before but I never actually did it. By posting it on my blog I'm hoping it will be something I cannot stop with because I promised. Obviously I don't know if I'll be able to do it but I will write an update at the end of the month in which I'll tell you how it went (I'll try to update my twitter as well). I really hope I can keep it up because I really need to start saving, otherwise I'll get in some trouble with my education during the next years.

You might be wondering, how can you keep blogging when you cannot buy anything? Well, the answer is simple. I always work ahead and I've planned enough post so that I'll be able to continue my three post a week schedule (if my schoolwork allows it). I still have plenty off product to review but I've also planned some other posts for between, like a photo diary and some favourite-posts.

I'm kind of excited to do this and I really hope I continue throughout the whole month. Let me know if you have done something similar, I'd love to know your tips and tricks!


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