My Everyday Jewelry

About two years ago I was really into big jewelry. Statement necklaces, cocktail rings and arms full with bracelets, I wore it all. For some reason that has changed now, the jewelry I wear now is way more minimalistic and subtle. I thought it would be fun to show you the four pieces of jewelry I switch in between and that I basically wear everyday. All of these items are quite expensive so I cannot really call them jewelry but who cares. I only have expensive taste when it comes to makeup and the only two expensive pieces of jewelry I have (a Pandora bracelet and a swarovski ring), I hardly wear because I'm afraid of losing them. Let's take a look at my favourites.

This is the piece I wear most out of all four of them. I bought this dainty necklace at Topshop and lately I've been wearing to almost every day. It has a thin gold-toned chain and a tiny fake diamante that falls just below the middle of my collarbones. It's just a really pretty dainty necklace that I love and has a special memory because I bought it when I was in London.

I hate bugs, I'm terrified of wasps, I'm to scared to get rid of a tiny spider when I find one in my room and for some reason I wear a ring with a bee (or is it a wasp?) on a daily basis. It's still subtle but just adds a little something, I wear it around my middle finder and I really love the look of it. This one I also bought at Topshop when I was in London and I often wear it along with the necklace, just these two pieces of jewelry and I feel more put to together then when I don't.

When I'm not wearing those two gold-toned pieces, I wear two silver ones. One of those two is this silver ring which I got from ASOS a while ago. This is a leaf that wraps around your finger (my ring finger in this case) and when I first got it, it was completely silver but now it has started rusting (is that the name for it?) which makes it look old and in my opinion even prettier.

My last piece is this bangle that I've had for ages but just recently starting wearing a lot. This is a very basic silver-toned bangle with some random specks on it and I have absolutely no idea where I got it from. I love the fact that this is so subtle and I love wearing this with the ring I just showed you.

And that was it for today's post, my silver favourites and my gold favourites, none of these are recent buys so I can't provide links of where you can buy them but I'm sure you can find very similar items online. 


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