Maybelline Terre Indienne Bronzing Powder With Blush

Today I'm reviewing a product that I've been eyeing for a while now and I finally got around to buying it. Every time I was walking through the store I saw this and wanted to take it home with me but the price withheld me. Then there was a sale and I could justify it (not really since I have too many blushes already). Therefore I went home with the Terre Indienne Bronzing Powder With Blush in the shade 09 Golden Tropics.

The duo comes in a round plastic packaging (it fell out when I opened it, hence the dent in the powder) with a screw-on lid. There are two shades available, Bronzed Paradise and the one I have, Golden Tropics. The colour of the packaging depends on the shade you get so this one is peach coloured. I went for this one because it's much lighter, the bronzer in  Bronzed Paradise is a little bit darker and I was afraid that would look way too orange on me. Also I already have a lot of pink blushes and not a single one that's orange toned.

The first thing I noticed when I opened it was the scent, this smells really powdery and kind of granny like. I'm absolutely not a fan of this scent and I even think it's kind of gross smelling. The second thing I noticed was that the powder fell out of the plastic packaging and I had a dent which is a beauty bloggers worst nightmare (next to pre-swatched products). Not a good start.

I don't have a swatchphoto for you because it just wouldn't show up. I have no idea why but for some reason you can barely see anything when you swatch the bronzer and blush on your arm, you can see something in real life but on photos you cannot see anything at all.

Luckily you can see it when you apply it on your face. Here I applied the blush onto my cheeks and the bronzer in the hollows of my cheekbones. I'm not sure yet if I like this duo a lot but it's definitely beautiful. The scent is something that bothers me a lot, luckily it doesn't transfer on your face but that's not the reason why I'm not sure. The think I don't really like is the colour payoff, which is very little. You really have to build up the colour a lot before you can see anything and this is something I'm not used to at all. The blushes and bronzer I usually use are very pigmented and only need a little touch with a brush and with these two you really have to work  to get a result. The result however is really pretty. The bronzer is really light and definitely perfect for my skin tone around this time of the year. It has some little shimmers in it but not so many that you cannot contour with it, which is the only thing I really do with bronzer. Blush is one of the steps I always do when I wear makeup because it makes me look normal and not like a ghost. This one is a light coral shade which is something I do not own already, I usually wear pink blushes because they suit me best but this is really pretty as well and out of all the blushes I own, I only have one other reddish blush (this one) which is quite dark and I only really wear it during the autumn time. Sometimes a pink blush just doesn't work with you clothes, eyeshadow or lipstick and then a pretty shade like this is perfect.

I don't think this duo will become a huge favourite but it's definitely good to have a coral blush like this in your stash. The bronzer is nice but I don't like the fact you have to build so much. The shade is really pretty, light and not orange at all enough for me but I it takes too long to apply nicely to my liking. That being said, if your pale like me and cannot find a bronzer that suits your skin tone, definitely check this one out because maybe this will be the perfect match for you.

The Terre Indienne Bronzing Powder & Blush costs €13,29. It's available in the shades 08 Bronzed Paradise, 09 Golden Tropics.


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