March Empties

We're near the end of the month which can only mean two things, it's time for empties or it's time for favourites. Today's it's time for the first out of those two, I know this post is called March favourites but these are actually my empty products from both February and March. I provided links to my reviews if I've written them. Let's dive into it!

These are my first three empties, the first is a hand cream that I loved. This is the perfect basic cream that doesn't leave my hands feeling all greasy and gross for too long. I don't know how expensive this was but Eucerin is usually quite affordable. Then I completely finished my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I was quite said when I tried to use it and there was no product left because this foundation is really great. I'm currently trying out some other foundation but non has lived up to my expectations so far, this is the best one I've tried. The pink bottle is my favourite serum, a serum is one of the products I only really use during the winter time because that's the only time my skin needs it.  This is my favourite one because it gives my skin a really pretty glow, I love it most during the morning because it's the perfect primer. It makes me look radiant and give my dull winter skin a nice glow.

Then I have three shower products. The first one is a shower foam which my mother got me for Christmas, it has the scent of saffron flower and I'm still not really sure if I like it. I used it up because I really liked the texture and foam it gave but the scent has still not really grown on me. The scent is not really my taste but if you like it I can really recommend it because the foam is incredible. The dove body wash is one of my favourite shower products of all times. I love the fresh scent and this one is really moisturizing as well, for me this is the perfect spring body wash. The last product is a scrub by The Body Shop that I loved a lot but unfortunately was a limited edition. I also had the body butter of this line which I already finished a while ago but both of them smelled delicious. I really hope they bring out this line again next summer.

I have quite a lot of makeup to show you today, I rarely really finish makeup product but now I actually did, except the first one then. This lip gloss in stick form is just way too old and doesn't smell good anymore. I've had this since 2011 and I just couldn't throw it away because I really liked it and it was limited edition. Now it's time and I have to let it go. The eye pencil is completely empty though, this is a really nice brown pencil that is really nice on days when I want to give my eyes just a natural look. Then I have to mascaras that I have to throw away. The first one is a mascara that I liked but didn't love, if you read my review you'll know why. The other mascara is from Yves Rocher, I really liked it but I won't buy it again since it's almost 20 euros and I just think that's too expensive for a mascara.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends - Andrélon  Layer Accent Shampoo - Dove Oxygen Hydration
These four products are my last empties of these months. The first one is a conditioner by Herbal Essences, I'm one of those persons that always finishes the conditioner first and then is left with the shampoo. Now I'm using the shampoo to wash my brushes because I don't want to use a shampoo without the conditioner. I liked them both for my hair but I didn't really think they did much for my hair, I cannot really blame the shampoo though because I haven't been to the hairdressers for over a year and I just need a good cut before I can really judge hair products. What I can say however is that I really like the scent, it really smells like raspberries. The second shampoo is from a Dutch brand and I used it to wash my brushes since I didn't like it in my hair. For brushes it's fine though. Then I have a shampoo and conditioner from Dove, these are one of my favourites and I believe these are my third bottles. The packaging looks like crap when you use them but the product inside them is amazing. I love these because they give my hair volume but also moisturize it all at the same time.

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