Favourite Albums (March 15)

A long time ago I used to write about music occasionally on my blog. I stopped doing that because I'm absolutely no music critic whatsoever and found it hard to describe songs and music styles. Nowadays I don't really care about that anymore, I love music and I thought; why not share the albums I'm listening to most of the time? I don't have a very specific taste when it comes to music, I listen to everything to be honest. I love rock, pop and a lot of alternative music and one of guilty pleasures is French rap music. I have a lot of albums and songs I listen to regularly but the eight albums I'm going to show you today are my favourites of this moment. Here are, in no particular order, my favourite albums of the moment.

Taylor Swift - 1989
The first album I've been loving a lot is 1989 by Taylor Swift. I believe it was released around October/November and ever since I've been loving it. When I first got it, I was listening to it on repeat and I noticed I was that 'idiot' who was dancing at the train platform to music only the person dancing could hear. The songs are just too damn catchy. In the beginning the fist part of the album was my favourite but the second part has grown on me and now I love everything. I'm writing these pieces of text about the albums while listening to them and I notice that I'm singing along with every single song. I never used to like Taylor Swift music that much but this album had changed that, I absolutely love it!

Nick Jonas - Nick Jonas
This is an album I definitely didn't expect to like but I really do. Nick Jonas is one of the Jonas Brothers (who are not as big here in the Netherlands as they are in The States) and I never listened to their music. Of course I watched Camp Rock a million times when I was little but other then that, I never took an interest in the three brothers. A while ago I watched this video and decided to look up 'Jealous' and wow I absolutely love that song! After listening to that song on repeat I decided to get the full album and just like the song, I love it. The album is a little bit auto-toned but I don't mind, the music is really catchy but relaxed at the same time and I love listening to it on the train or bus or when studying, or whenever actually.

Thomas Azier - Hylas
This third album is one I've been listening to for a while now and I still love it. Two of my friends got me into this and I even went to two concerts of Thomas Azier last year. His music is very different and I have no idea how I can describe it but it makes me wanna dance. It's definitely not everybody's taste but be sure to give it a try because it's super good.

Sheppard - Bombs Away
I also went to a concert of this band, Sheppard. I loved their song 'Geronimo' and when I saw they were going to give a concert in Amsterdam I basically forced a friend to come with me. It was a very good choice because now where both obsessed. The concert was so much fun (and we got to meet them afterwards) and the album makes me incredibly happy but relaxed at the same time, it just brings me to my happy place.

Twin Forks - Twin Forks
This album is one that got me through my finals of high school, there are multiple albums that did that but this is one I kept listening to. I discovered this through one of my favourite series, Reign, but the whole album is amazing. I think this style is called folk but it's not typical it has a hint of pop through it (I think #notanexpert). This is very good background music for when you're studying because the tempo keeps me going but I also listen to it regular on the train and stuff, it makes me happy and relaxed, just like the album from Sheppard.

Ed Sheeran - X
This was my summer album of 2014, I listened to this way too much while I was laying by the pool. His music is relaxing but upbeat at the same time, perfect for those sunny days. Now it's winter and I still really like the songs, for some reason they fit every season. I also love to study with this in the background, just the perfect album for almost every occasion.

Beyoncé - Beyoncé
I'm probably one of few people that never really liked Beyoncé's music but this album has changed that. That was until I heard people raving about her surprise album that came out last fall. I decided to give the music a try and guess what, I liked it. This new style of hers is just really good and I really like it. I have no idea what to say more but just give this album a chance, even if you don't like her music usually.

The 1975 - The 1975
I think this is the oldest album in this favourites post but that doesn't make it less good. This is one of the other albums that got me through my finals, just like the album from Twin Forks and just like that album I'm still listening to it. I cannot remember how I found out about this band but this album is just really good. It reminds me of something but I cannot still not put my finger on what exactly. A really nice album that's definitely worth listening to (a lot).

I hope you liked reading about my favourite music albums and definitely give them a try if you don't know them. I've provided links to iTunes where you can buy the actual albums. Let me know your favourite artist/albums/song, I'd love to hear them.


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