Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base

Today's review is one of a product I don't wear that much, eyeshadow base. Generally eyeshadow lasts quite a long time on me so I rarely wore the eyeshadow base I had (from Essence). That base is amazing so when I needed one (with creamy eyeshadows for instance), that was there for me. That one is really old right now and really needed replacement which is why I could justify buying a new one. Catrice has just brought out an new one, so why not try that one I thought?

This is the Prime and Fine Eyeshadow base from Catrice and just like any eyeshadow base it should prevent eyeshadows from creasing. Like I said, eyeshadow doesn't really crease on me anyways which is why I'm probably not a good spokesperson for this product. But still, let's see if it works for me...

I really like the packaging of this base (the one from Essence is plastic), it's made out of matte glass with a sponge applicator which makes it super easy to use. I just thing it looks really pretty and a little bit like MAC products.

And this is what the actual product looks like. The formula looks skin-colored but is transparent on my eyelid, it provides a nice invisible base. I don't have any photos of the product on my eye since you cannot see it but believe me, I really feel like eyeshadow applies easier and looks prettier when you use a base underneath. My eyeshadow stayed put in place but like I said, this isn't really special for me, I did however that my eyeliner didn't transfer onto my eyelid like it normally does. I don't know if that's because of the base but I did like it of course. I also tried this base with my most creamy eyeshadow that always creases no matter what I do, my Catrice Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow (review) and guess what, it didn't budge for the whole day!

In the beginning of this post I said I never really wear an eyeshadow base because eyeshadow lasts very well on me. Well that has changed since I got this, I've been wearing every day and I just feel like it makes my eyeshadow look so much better then usually? This is definitely just as good, if not better, than the eyeshadow base from Essence so definitely give it a try when you're looking for a new base.

You can buy this eyeshadow at the drugstore for €3,59


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