Update: No Buy March Challenge

At the beginning of this month I set myself a challenge, I wouldn't buy anything until April (read my post about it here). In the post I did about this challenge I also said I would update you on how it went so that's what I'm doing today.

I have to say that I'm quite proud of myself. The challenge was not buying anything at all and I kind of did that. The only things I bought this month were food, a razor and a skirt (ordered it last Friday but it hasn't come in yet so it doesn't count in my opinion). I think food is justified because I have to travel to Amsterdam every single day. On days where I forget to bring lunch or have to wait a long time for the train or bus, I think I'm allowed to buy something to eat (I do want to buy less food this month).

Like I said, I'm happy that I sort of kept up with it and I really want to keep up the 'buying less' rhythm I'm in right now. I'm not going to restrain myself but I'm trying to stop buying stuff I don't need. I'm going to Primark soon and there I'm going to buy stuff I don't need (obviously) but for the rest of the month, I'm going to try to spend less. Wish me luck!


March Empties

We're near the end of the month which can only mean two things, it's time for empties or it's time for favourites. Today's it's time for the first out of those two, I know this post is called March favourites but these are actually my empty products from both February and March. I provided links to my reviews if I've written them. Let's dive into it!

These are my first three empties, the first is a hand cream that I loved. This is the perfect basic cream that doesn't leave my hands feeling all greasy and gross for too long. I don't know how expensive this was but Eucerin is usually quite affordable. Then I completely finished my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I was quite said when I tried to use it and there was no product left because this foundation is really great. I'm currently trying out some other foundation but non has lived up to my expectations so far, this is the best one I've tried. The pink bottle is my favourite serum, a serum is one of the products I only really use during the winter time because that's the only time my skin needs it.  This is my favourite one because it gives my skin a really pretty glow, I love it most during the morning because it's the perfect primer. It makes me look radiant and give my dull winter skin a nice glow.

Then I have three shower products. The first one is a shower foam which my mother got me for Christmas, it has the scent of saffron flower and I'm still not really sure if I like it. I used it up because I really liked the texture and foam it gave but the scent has still not really grown on me. The scent is not really my taste but if you like it I can really recommend it because the foam is incredible. The dove body wash is one of my favourite shower products of all times. I love the fresh scent and this one is really moisturizing as well, for me this is the perfect spring body wash. The last product is a scrub by The Body Shop that I loved a lot but unfortunately was a limited edition. I also had the body butter of this line which I already finished a while ago but both of them smelled delicious. I really hope they bring out this line again next summer.

I have quite a lot of makeup to show you today, I rarely really finish makeup product but now I actually did, except the first one then. This lip gloss in stick form is just way too old and doesn't smell good anymore. I've had this since 2011 and I just couldn't throw it away because I really liked it and it was limited edition. Now it's time and I have to let it go. The eye pencil is completely empty though, this is a really nice brown pencil that is really nice on days when I want to give my eyes just a natural look. Then I have to mascaras that I have to throw away. The first one is a mascara that I liked but didn't love, if you read my review you'll know why. The other mascara is from Yves Rocher, I really liked it but I won't buy it again since it's almost 20 euros and I just think that's too expensive for a mascara.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends - Andrélon  Layer Accent Shampoo - Dove Oxygen Hydration
These four products are my last empties of these months. The first one is a conditioner by Herbal Essences, I'm one of those persons that always finishes the conditioner first and then is left with the shampoo. Now I'm using the shampoo to wash my brushes because I don't want to use a shampoo without the conditioner. I liked them both for my hair but I didn't really think they did much for my hair, I cannot really blame the shampoo though because I haven't been to the hairdressers for over a year and I just need a good cut before I can really judge hair products. What I can say however is that I really like the scent, it really smells like raspberries. The second shampoo is from a Dutch brand and I used it to wash my brushes since I didn't like it in my hair. For brushes it's fine though. Then I have a shampoo and conditioner from Dove, these are one of my favourites and I believe these are my third bottles. The packaging looks like crap when you use them but the product inside them is amazing. I love these because they give my hair volume but also moisturize it all at the same time.

Spring Nail Polishes

It's May and that means it's spring, finally! I don't know why but I really wanted that spring came earlier, winter just seemed to last way too long. Now it's May and that usually means the weather here in the Netherlands starts to get warmer and the temperature will be rising, I cannot wait! Another thing I like about spring are the colours, don't get me wrong, I love dark colours but around this time of the year I cannot wait to get out my bright tops, lipsticks and of course, nail polishes. That's why I'm going to show you my favourite spring nail polishes today. Enjoy!

Catrice - 56 Minter Wonderland (NOTD)

Sally Hansen - 406 Purple Heart (NOTD)

OPI - You're Such A Budapest (NOTD)

Essie - Cascade Cool

Bourjois - 15 Peace and Mauve

Essie - Bikini So Teeny

NYC - 269 Hudson Breeze (NOTD)

Essie - Take It Outside (NOTD)

Barry M - A Bikini (NOTD)

I didn't include photos of the nail polish on my nails because that would be way too much work but I did include links to reviews and NOTD posts if I wrote them. As you can see my nail polishes during the spring are mainly light and pastel (with the occasional bright one) and that's because I cannot wear those colours when it comes to clothes. Pastel shades wear me out but since they are super cute I still want to wear them and my nails are the solution for that issue. Some of these shades are probably not available anymore but I hope I gave you some spring inspiration and that you liked this post.


Essence Easy 2 Use Eyeliner Pen

And the quest for the perfect eyeliner continues, why is it so hard for brands to make a good black thin eyeliner pen? You can read my latest two eyeliner reviews here and here, both pens are nice but there is always something that isn't perfect. Then it's not black enough and then the felt tip is just rubbish. When Essence released their new product they also released a new eyeliner pen, I wasn't too excited but when I saw some loving reviews, I decided to give it a try.

Essence has to following to say about this new eyeliner:
The name says it all: super accurate eyeliner styles are as easy as child’s play with the easy 2 use eyeliner pen. No matter whether subtle or expressive – thanks to the innovative brush tip, individual eyeliner looks are super easy, even for newbies!

As you can see, the tip is made out of little hairs instead of a sponge. Another popular eyeliner that has this type of tip is the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D, which is not available here in the Netherlands. I'm really interested to see if this is easy to work with or not, there's only one way to find out, let's swatch and apply.

Well, at first I was really happy with the eyeliner, the swatch was really black and I was impressed. That was, until I swatched it again to take some photographs for my blog, this second time the eyeliner wasn't really black anymore. I decided to store it upside down for the night (to see if that was the reason) and the day after I tried it onto my eyes. It went well, until I started drawing the wing. On the photos you can see what I mean, it just looks like the eyeliner has dried out already. You can draw one eye with this eyeliner, then you have to shake and wait and maybe you can do your other eye as well. I can draw super thin lines with this pen which I like but the liquid is just really bad.

It could have been so good but sadly enough it isn't. Online I've read mixed reviews, some bloggers are super enthusiastic but others share my opinion. The tip is perfect to draw thin lines with but if it doesn't give you a black line, there's not much use to it. Maybe each pen is different and I should try it again but for now I'm not going to, this is a very cheap eyeliner but if it doesn't work properly, it's not worth the few euros.

You can buy the Essence Easy 2 Use Eyeliner Pen for €2,89.


Favourite Albums (March 15)

A long time ago I used to write about music occasionally on my blog. I stopped doing that because I'm absolutely no music critic whatsoever and found it hard to describe songs and music styles. Nowadays I don't really care about that anymore, I love music and I thought; why not share the albums I'm listening to most of the time? I don't have a very specific taste when it comes to music, I listen to everything to be honest. I love rock, pop and a lot of alternative music and one of guilty pleasures is French rap music. I have a lot of albums and songs I listen to regularly but the eight albums I'm going to show you today are my favourites of this moment. Here are, in no particular order, my favourite albums of the moment.

Taylor Swift - 1989
The first album I've been loving a lot is 1989 by Taylor Swift. I believe it was released around October/November and ever since I've been loving it. When I first got it, I was listening to it on repeat and I noticed I was that 'idiot' who was dancing at the train platform to music only the person dancing could hear. The songs are just too damn catchy. In the beginning the fist part of the album was my favourite but the second part has grown on me and now I love everything. I'm writing these pieces of text about the albums while listening to them and I notice that I'm singing along with every single song. I never used to like Taylor Swift music that much but this album had changed that, I absolutely love it!

Nick Jonas - Nick Jonas
This is an album I definitely didn't expect to like but I really do. Nick Jonas is one of the Jonas Brothers (who are not as big here in the Netherlands as they are in The States) and I never listened to their music. Of course I watched Camp Rock a million times when I was little but other then that, I never took an interest in the three brothers. A while ago I watched this video and decided to look up 'Jealous' and wow I absolutely love that song! After listening to that song on repeat I decided to get the full album and just like the song, I love it. The album is a little bit auto-toned but I don't mind, the music is really catchy but relaxed at the same time and I love listening to it on the train or bus or when studying, or whenever actually.

Thomas Azier - Hylas
This third album is one I've been listening to for a while now and I still love it. Two of my friends got me into this and I even went to two concerts of Thomas Azier last year. His music is very different and I have no idea how I can describe it but it makes me wanna dance. It's definitely not everybody's taste but be sure to give it a try because it's super good.

Sheppard - Bombs Away
I also went to a concert of this band, Sheppard. I loved their song 'Geronimo' and when I saw they were going to give a concert in Amsterdam I basically forced a friend to come with me. It was a very good choice because now where both obsessed. The concert was so much fun (and we got to meet them afterwards) and the album makes me incredibly happy but relaxed at the same time, it just brings me to my happy place.

Twin Forks - Twin Forks
This album is one that got me through my finals of high school, there are multiple albums that did that but this is one I kept listening to. I discovered this through one of my favourite series, Reign, but the whole album is amazing. I think this style is called folk but it's not typical it has a hint of pop through it (I think #notanexpert). This is very good background music for when you're studying because the tempo keeps me going but I also listen to it regular on the train and stuff, it makes me happy and relaxed, just like the album from Sheppard.

Ed Sheeran - X
This was my summer album of 2014, I listened to this way too much while I was laying by the pool. His music is relaxing but upbeat at the same time, perfect for those sunny days. Now it's winter and I still really like the songs, for some reason they fit every season. I also love to study with this in the background, just the perfect album for almost every occasion.

Beyoncé - Beyoncé
I'm probably one of few people that never really liked Beyoncé's music but this album has changed that. That was until I heard people raving about her surprise album that came out last fall. I decided to give the music a try and guess what, I liked it. This new style of hers is just really good and I really like it. I have no idea what to say more but just give this album a chance, even if you don't like her music usually.

The 1975 - The 1975
I think this is the oldest album in this favourites post but that doesn't make it less good. This is one of the other albums that got me through my finals, just like the album from Twin Forks and just like that album I'm still listening to it. I cannot remember how I found out about this band but this album is just really good. It reminds me of something but I cannot still not put my finger on what exactly. A really nice album that's definitely worth listening to (a lot).

I hope you liked reading about my favourite music albums and definitely give them a try if you don't know them. I've provided links to iTunes where you can buy the actual albums. Let me know your favourite artist/albums/song, I'd love to hear them.


Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother

Lately I've been really into natural makeup and my nude lipstick have been getting a lot of love. I bought a few new ones as well to be able to switch it up a bit (these ones for instance). Among my new purchases was this lip product from Catrice, it can best be defined as a lip gloss but it's a lip balm at the same time. Let's take a look at the product.

The Beautifying Lip Smoother is available in three shades; 010 Sweet Caramel, 020 Apricot Cream and 030 Cake Pop of which I got the second shade. I didn't really take a look at which shade I bought at the store because I was mainly looking for ones that weren't used, be sure to check really good because this is one of those product you definitely want to be unused when you buy it.

Like I said, this product is a crossbreed between a lip balm and a lip gloss. It has moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin e and jojoba oil in it but it's also to give your lips a nice coat of shine.

This is how the product comes out, it comes out of three holes that are hidden in a little sponge. Not the most hygienic way which is why you have to make sure you get an unused one. Even though this way is not sanitary it is really easy and if you're the only person who used it, I don't see any harm in it.

As you can see on this swatch, the lip gloss is really sheer. This is not really the case however, it's a gorgeous peachy or apricot shade which is a bit more pigmented than you can see on this photo. Let's take a look at what the shade and product looks like on my lips....

This is how the gloss looks on my lips, very transparent and a little bit peachy. The first thing I noticed was the taste, this tastes absolutely amazing, like caramel or something. Even though the gloss is sheer, I really like it. This sheer peachy tint is just really good when I don't know anything to wear, nice to wear everyday.

I definitely think this is a really good product. It doesn't smooth out my lips like it promises but it's definitely moisturizing and delicious. Especially the taste is why I've used it so much during the past few days. I also really like the shade, the peachy colour fits every makeup looks and I just love it!

You can buy the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother for €3,59 and there are thee shades available (I really want the pink one as well haha)


Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base

Today's review is one of a product I don't wear that much, eyeshadow base. Generally eyeshadow lasts quite a long time on me so I rarely wore the eyeshadow base I had (from Essence). That base is amazing so when I needed one (with creamy eyeshadows for instance), that was there for me. That one is really old right now and really needed replacement which is why I could justify buying a new one. Catrice has just brought out an new one, so why not try that one I thought?

This is the Prime and Fine Eyeshadow base from Catrice and just like any eyeshadow base it should prevent eyeshadows from creasing. Like I said, eyeshadow doesn't really crease on me anyways which is why I'm probably not a good spokesperson for this product. But still, let's see if it works for me...

I really like the packaging of this base (the one from Essence is plastic), it's made out of matte glass with a sponge applicator which makes it super easy to use. I just thing it looks really pretty and a little bit like MAC products.

And this is what the actual product looks like. The formula looks skin-colored but is transparent on my eyelid, it provides a nice invisible base. I don't have any photos of the product on my eye since you cannot see it but believe me, I really feel like eyeshadow applies easier and looks prettier when you use a base underneath. My eyeshadow stayed put in place but like I said, this isn't really special for me, I did however that my eyeliner didn't transfer onto my eyelid like it normally does. I don't know if that's because of the base but I did like it of course. I also tried this base with my most creamy eyeshadow that always creases no matter what I do, my Catrice Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow (review) and guess what, it didn't budge for the whole day!

In the beginning of this post I said I never really wear an eyeshadow base because eyeshadow lasts very well on me. Well that has changed since I got this, I've been wearing every day and I just feel like it makes my eyeshadow look so much better then usually? This is definitely just as good, if not better, than the eyeshadow base from Essence so definitely give it a try when you're looking for a new base.

You can buy this eyeshadow at the drugstore for €3,59


My Everyday Jewelry

About two years ago I was really into big jewelry. Statement necklaces, cocktail rings and arms full with bracelets, I wore it all. For some reason that has changed now, the jewelry I wear now is way more minimalistic and subtle. I thought it would be fun to show you the four pieces of jewelry I switch in between and that I basically wear everyday. All of these items are quite expensive so I cannot really call them jewelry but who cares. I only have expensive taste when it comes to makeup and the only two expensive pieces of jewelry I have (a Pandora bracelet and a swarovski ring), I hardly wear because I'm afraid of losing them. Let's take a look at my favourites.

This is the piece I wear most out of all four of them. I bought this dainty necklace at Topshop and lately I've been wearing to almost every day. It has a thin gold-toned chain and a tiny fake diamante that falls just below the middle of my collarbones. It's just a really pretty dainty necklace that I love and has a special memory because I bought it when I was in London.

I hate bugs, I'm terrified of wasps, I'm to scared to get rid of a tiny spider when I find one in my room and for some reason I wear a ring with a bee (or is it a wasp?) on a daily basis. It's still subtle but just adds a little something, I wear it around my middle finder and I really love the look of it. This one I also bought at Topshop when I was in London and I often wear it along with the necklace, just these two pieces of jewelry and I feel more put to together then when I don't.

When I'm not wearing those two gold-toned pieces, I wear two silver ones. One of those two is this silver ring which I got from ASOS a while ago. This is a leaf that wraps around your finger (my ring finger in this case) and when I first got it, it was completely silver but now it has started rusting (is that the name for it?) which makes it look old and in my opinion even prettier.

My last piece is this bangle that I've had for ages but just recently starting wearing a lot. This is a very basic silver-toned bangle with some random specks on it and I have absolutely no idea where I got it from. I love the fact that this is so subtle and I love wearing this with the ring I just showed you.

And that was it for today's post, my silver favourites and my gold favourites, none of these are recent buys so I can't provide links of where you can buy them but I'm sure you can find very similar items online.