NYC Mosaic Colour Wheel

I've been eyeing this blush for a while now and on my latest makeup-shopping spree I threw it in my basket and took it home with me. The blush just looks so pretty on the shelves with it's pretty pattern and bright pink colours. I couldn't resist. It's called the Colour Wheel Mosaic Face Powder from NYC and the shade is called '723 Pink Cheek Glow'. There are two other shades available in this mosaic powder line and this is the blush version, there is also a highlighter and a bronzer available.

The powder is a mosaic of four shades. A bronzy shade, a light pink, a bright pink and a darker pink. Swirling them together makes a really soft pink blush. When you buy the blush is looks really shimmery but luckily this is a overspray, after you use it a few times the shimmers are mostly gone and the powder turns into a very pretty glowy blush.

On the left I'm not wearing blush and on the right I am. As you can see, the blush gives me a healthy pink flush. The blush isn't matt but has some shimmers which means this blush also gives me a glow. Because she blush is made out of a mosaic of colour I cannot really describe the shade. It's pink but when I swatched it next to my favourite pink it looked way more peachy. A very pretty shade.

If you're looking for an everyday blush that makes you look healthy and awake I can definitely recommend this one. I for one like it, especially for the price. This blush costs €4,99 and that's a very good price for such a pretty blush.


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  1. Staat je mooi! Heel subtiel! Ik gebruik nooit blush, omdat ik bang ben dat ik een pipo lijk haha. Vooral roze durf ik niet! Misschien toch maar eens proberen :)