Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil

Today I'm reviewing a new lip product I'm really excited about. I heard/read first about these on but I didn't really get much excited. G however convinced me to but one (and later I bought another) and I have to say, I'm quite enthusiastic about it.

These are basically thick lip liners that you can use over your whole lips. They're available in ten shades but in Holland they only sell nine, 630 Nude Perfection, 140 Minimalist, 420 In With Coral, 150 Fuchsia Desire, 110 Pink So Chic, 310 Berry Much, 510 Red Essential, 410 Fab Orange and 520 Light It Up. I don't know what the last shade that's available is called and the shades I bought are called Minimalist and Pink So Chic. All the shades have a velvet texture and therefore are matt. I'm curious to see if that also means that they're drying as well...

Minimalist is a light pink shade and to my astonishment it has shimmers in it. Pink So Chic is a dark berrylike shade and just like the other one, it has shimmer in it. I don't get it, shimmers doesn't line up with the velvet finish they're supposed to have. This doesn't mean I don't like them however, I'm in love with these swatches. The pencils are really pigmented and they glided onto my wrist very smoothly.

This is my favourite out of the two, Minimalist is like I said, a really light pink shade. The shimmers are visible but they don't make your lips look like a disco ball. The pencil is a little bit drying on the lips but nothing that can't be solved with a lip balm. This does mean that the pencil shows the fine lines of your lips, just apply a lip balm first. I like this shade a lot, it's a very pretty nude to wear every day.

This one is less wearable for every day. It's a berry shade but it's not warm toned, it looks like the shimmers are silver which make this lip pencil appear cool toned. I don't like this one when I just apply it but I do like it when I pad the colour into my lips. It makes them look stained and pretty. This one is a little bit less drying then Minimalist but I still recommend a lip balm. Dabbed into my lips it's a gorgeous shade that's perfect for this time of the year.

I'm very happy that I picked up these two shades but I doubt I'll picked up more. The formula is quite drying and if all the shades have this metallic like sheen to them they won't be my cup of tea. I looked at other shades online online other one I like is Nude Perfection so maybe that I'll go for that one soon. It looks like that one doesn't have any shimmers in it. These pencils costs €7,99 and I think that's a very good price for these. The colour range is very wide and they really do last a long time. They also stain the lips a little which makes the colour visible for a really long time. I'm not lyrical about them but I do like them and I've been wearing Minimalist quite a lot past weeks. Give them a swatch in the stores because I'm sure there will be a shade to your liking between them.


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