Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara

Lately I've been getting sick of the two mascaras I owned and I wanted a new one. That's why I went to the drugstore and bought a new one. I've been wanting to try his mascara for a while now and even though I think Maybelline mascaras are way overpriced here in the Netherlands, I went for it and bought it. I believe this is the newest mascara of Maybelline and as you could see in the title it's called the Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara.

The Lash Sensational mascara has, according to Maybelline, a unique, open-fan brush and fresh liquid formula to capture and volumizes lashes from root to top. This is however what most mascaras promise so we'll just have see how much of volumizing it actually does.

The plastic brush of this mascara is curved, just like the shape of an eye. On the inside of the curve the brushes are very short and on the outer curve the bristles are longer and fan out at the end. I'm a fan of plastic mascara wands so that's a good thing but I usually like the straight ones that are shaped like a pylon better. Let's see what this mascara does to my lashes.

The first time I tried this mascara I absolutely hated it. This is definitely a mascara that has to dry out first to be good. After a approximately four uses I realized I liked it. It makes my lashes long and black and also gives them a touch of volume. I didn't curl my lashes for this photo but as you can see, it gives them a nice curl as well. Normally I curl them with an eyelash curler and then it hold the curl really well. It doesn't give me vavavoom voluminous lashes but it does give me pretty natural lashes. I personally like almost fake-like lashes everyday but if you're someone who whats a more natural look this might be a really good mascara for you.

I don't know if I'll repurchase this mascara but I definitely don't dislike it. Like I said, I want a little bit more out of a mascara but it's nice. I'll definitely finish this mascara because it's quite expensive, it costs €15,49. I do like it but it's just not worth almost 16 euros. If you're looking for a natural mascara that lasts all day this might be the mascara you're looking for.


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