Essence Nude Lipsticks

New products! Back in December I showed you which new products Essence and Catrice would bring out this spring and now they're finally here. I restrained myself but I did go home with some new beauties, among them were these two new nude lipsticks.

Last spring Essence launched a new line of lipsticks which I love and now they're expanding that new line with five new nude shades. I was very eager to take a look at them but I was kind of disappointed, Most of them are really pale just don't suit my skin tone. I eventually went home with two out of the five shades, 03 Come Naturally and 05 Cool Nude.

03 Come Naturally - 05 Cool Nude
When I swatched these two lipsticks, my excitement went up the hill. The pigmentation is amazing and they glided onto my arm like a dream. So far so good.

This is 03 Come Naturally, a cool toned nude, almost taupe shade. I absolutely love this shade, the coverage is great and the colour is amazing, it really suits my skin tone. A perfect nude everyday shade.

And this is the other lipstick; 05 Cool Nude. Funny enough, I don't think this one is cool toned at all. For me this is my exact lip colour and to me , this doesn't look cool at all. They should have switched the names on these two. I think this is a gorgeous colour as well and just like Come Naturally is a beautiful colour to wear everyday.

Good job Essence, you brought out amazing new lipsticks. I don't really like the other shades but these two colours are just amazing. They last quite a long time and they wear extremely comfortable, you cannot even feel them on your lips. But maybe the biggest plus is the price, these lipsticks only cost €2.39 which is amazing price for such a good lipstick.



  1. Love this post. I was looking for a comparison of these two. I purchased Cool Nude today and I love it. I haven't found Come Naturally yet. I was wondering if Come Naturally leaves any glitter behind after it wears off?

    1. Thank you! I haven't notice any glitter in Come Naturally so don't worry about a glitter residue, you won't have that problem with this lipstick.