Essence Lipliners

Today's review is one on the lipliners from Essence. Last December I got two of them but I wanted to purchase another shade before I reviewed them. More recently I even got another one because I saw it online and love the shade, that one isn't in this review but I'm sure you'll see it on my blog sometime....

Essence only has one type of lipliner but there are nine shade available. I'm currently owning six but today I'm reviewing three shades for you, '07 Cute Pink', '13 Transparent' and '14 Femme Fatale'. The other shades I own are '01 Cute Pink' which is discontinued but gorgeous, '14 Honey Berry' which is the one I recently got and another '07 Cute Pink, I didn't know I already had this when I repurchased it (oeps).

Believe it or not but here are the three shades swatches on my arm. The left one is '07 Cute Pink' and the right one is '14 Femme Fatale'. In the middle I swatched '13 Transparent' which is, like the name suggests, transparent. The other two are very well pigmented and really soft. I'm very curious to see how well they last on the lips and if the transparent one works. I use lipliners to keep my lipsticks from bleeding and it this transparent one does that I could use it with every lipstick I own, that would be amazing.

07 Cute Pink

14 Femme Fatale
I decided not to show a photo of me wearing the transparant one since there is absolutely nothing to see, the other two however are amazing. Both the pink and the red are amazingly pigmented and they really slide on like butter. They're also not drying at all, I even feel like they're a bit moisturizing. After a few minutes they start to sink into my lips and they set. They last amazingly I also feel like they make my lipsticks last longer and keep the colour from bleeding. The other one is a different type of story. I feel like it is a lipbalm in pencil form which is not a bad thing. When you line your lips with it, it leaves a barrier around them to keep the colour inside and I have to say, it works.

I'm happy with my new liners and as you could read, I could already bought another shade. These lipliners are only €0,99 and the quality is really good. I've been wearing them a lot and I think it won't take long before I've collected all the shades that are available.


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