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Growing up I always wanted to watch Disney movies, especially the one with princesses in it. Sadly I had two younger brother who preferred the non-princess movies (especially ones with cars) so a lot of the times I lost the battle and we ended up watching movies like The Rescuers, Peter Pan and Tarzan. Still movies like The Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella remained my favourites. Now I'm quite a lot older but that doesn't matter, I still watch a Disney movie sometimes (and I think there are a lot of other people with me in this) and still love them. In March Disney will release a brand new version of my movie, Cinderella, with real actors this time. I couldn't be more exited to watch it but there is something else I'm really excited about. The limited editions makeup brands bring out when new Disney films are released. Last year MAC had a Maleficent collection to accompany the movie and this year they'll do one off Cinderella. Of course other brands cannot stay behind on the Disney trend and with this new movie a lot of brands saw their change and are bringing out collections based on it, one of my favourite budget brands, Essence, as well. Today I wanted to share that magical collection with you.

Cinderella Eyeshadow Palette €3,89

1 It's More Than I Ever Hoped For
Five perfectly aligned eyeshadows with a silky-soft texture in one palette. Mother-of-pearl, rose, purple, light and dark blue as well as gold will help you create eye make-up styles for any occasion.

Cinderella Lipgloss €1,99

01 sing, sweet nightingale - 02 so this is love
Two new lipglosses in a romantic pastel rose and daring bright red which combine iridescent glitter particles to make lips sparkle.

Cinderella Blush €3,39

01 So This Is Love
With this highly pigmented powder blush, your complexion gets a fresh new look. A gentle sweep on your cheeks is enough for a soft rouge touch!

Cinderella Highlighter €3,39
01 The Glass Slipper
Create soft, rose shimmer accents on your face and neckline with the highlighter powder – the ultimate item for a radiant complexion.

Cinderella Nail Polish €1,99

01 Sing, Sweet Nightingale - 02 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo - 03 Prince Charming - 04 Watch Out Lady Tremaine!
Introducing four exciting nail colours with two different effects! Rose and purple provide nails with a smooth porcelain finish while blue and gold offer a cool metallic effect.

Cinderella Glitter Topper €1,99

01 The Glass Slipper
A sparkling top coat with silver flakes and iridescent glitter in purple and blue creates awesome effects on your nails. Simply apply on top of your favorite polish or on your natural nail for added sparkle!

Cinderella Nail Stickers €1,39

01 The Stroke Of Midnight - 02 It’s More Than I Ever Hoped For
These cute nail stickers are inspired by popular Disney cartoon classics and are available in two styles – before and after the fairy godmother’s big transformation!

How cute is this collection? I can clearly see it is intended for younger users but that won't restrain me. That blush looks really pretty and the eyeshadow palette and highlighter looks really nice as well. Obviously I want to swatch them first but I have high hopes. The colour look really pretty and I absolutely love the names. I kept singing the line 'sweet, sweet nightingale' the whole time while writing this post, it just got stuck into my (I don't even know the rest of the song haha) and I really want to watch the movie now (cartoon and live-action). The collection is a little bit childish but if you grew up with Disney movies like I did this brings back a lot of memories.

This collection will be available during March in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Omar, Qatar and in The Netherlands (kruidvat)


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