Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick MATTador

Lately I've been on a buying way too much makeup and among the things that I got were some lipsticks (of course), today I'm showing you one of those new beauties I got. This lipsticks from Catrice is from the 'Ultimate Colour-line' and the shade is called 'MATTador'.

Since this is only one lipstick and I've reviewed lipsticks from this line multiple times I won't go into much detail but I didn't want to withheld it either. This is gorgeous matt lipstick in a tomato red shade. On the photo it looks more pink but this lipstick is definitely a red shade with some orange undertones. Normally orange-toned lipsticks don't suit me but for some strange reason this one does. If you have the same issue as I do I can really recommend this lipstick, it's only €3,99 so it wont break the bank. Just give it a try because it's seriously gorgeous.


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