Capturing London In Black & White #4

Hello my lovely readers,

Today it's time for the final installment of my 'Capturing London In Black & White' series. Let me explain why there are only four post. We arrived in London on Wednesday and we went home on Tuesday, this would mean I should have be seven post instead of four. Truth is, on Wednesday we arrived and didn't do much else then check out Oxford Street, on Monday I we went hardcore shopping and obviously we couldn't do much on Tuesday since we had to catch the train. Because of this the only days we really went sightseeing were Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (which is still a lot haha). This post shows you the things we did on Sunday, the second to last day of our amazing city trip.

We knew this would be our last day in London (because we planned to go shopping the last day) and we still hadn't really seen the London Eye or the Houses Of Parliament. We didn't want to leave London without seeing THE landmarks so that's what we did. Unfortunately it was raining quite hard this day which sucked but it turned out alright. Because of the bad weather the line in front of the London Eye was very short which meant we only waited for like 15 minutes and we had umbrella's so we didn't really get wet.

As you can see, the people without umbrellas were a lot less lucky but that didn't take away from this amazing experience, being in the London Eye felt surreal. Even the raindrops that covered the glass didn't take away the beauty of seeing London from so high. It was the only thing we payed money for to go in but it was definitely worth it.

After the Eye we walked past the Houses of Parliament and of course we took a look at the Big Ben. Those building are gorgeous, way prettier than the Dutch government houses. We made our way towards the Abbey but since it was Sunday and we didn't want to pay we didn't go in.

Then we took the tube to the London Bridge and it stopped raining. We sat down and lunched in front of a building that turned out to be the city hall of London. If you want to sit outside and have a lunch (that you brought yourself) I can highly recommend this little spot, I mean look at this view!

Our final stop was the National Gallery. We had already gone in earlier but then we w didn't really took our time. At first G didn't really wanted to go because she's more into modern art (like Tate Modern) but I really wanted to go and since we had time over this day we went in. I love art and this beautiful museum had some paintings of my favourite painters. A funny thing I noticed is that I saw a lot of painting by Dutch persons (or maybe that's just my Dutch eye being drawn to them). I'm not going to show you all the photos I took of the paintings but I'll share some of my favourites or the ones with a story.

This is a painting of Cardinal De Richelieu. I don't know how G and I came to the subject but for some reason we find this man really funny (inside joke that I don't understand myself) and we were talking about him and wondering if we'd find him in the museum. We walked into the next room and bamm, there he was. A huge painting of Richelieu that made me get the giggles.

One of my art teachers favourite paintings is 'The Wanderer Above the Mist' by Caspar David Friedrich and even though I haven't seen that painting in real life (yet, a museum in Germany has it so who knows...) I love it as well. This is another painting of his, it's really small but really pretty and mysterious.

Then we have Mr. Darcy, well not really but he just looks so much like him. This is Monsieur de Norvins and I have no idea who that actually was, but for me this he will always be Mr. Darcy haha.

I have a few favourite painters but Monet is definitely in the top three. It's a shame I have to share these painting in black and white because the colours are what make them special (this is a black and white series after all). I love Monet and as you can see, it was quite busy but wow amazing. A weird thing was that a lot of painting has little board with a no photographing sign hanging next to them but nobody said a thing (not even the guards) so I just took photos. They didn't have my favourite painting of him (which is 'Le Jardin de Monet, les Iris' and is owned by Musee d'Orsay in Paris) but it was still amazing to see all these gorgeous paintings of his.

The last painting I'll share with you guys is one from Degas, another one of my favourite paintings. I especially love the ballet paintings he did but I didn't take any good photos of those so I'll share this(also gorgeous) one with you. This is also way prettier in colour but then it wouldn't fit my theme.

And that was it, I've talked you through my complete London trip. I hope you enjoyed my 'Capturing London In Black & White'-series as much as I enjoyed my holiday. I have a lot of cities and countries on my to visit-list but London is definitely a city I want to return to. The vibe there is just really cool and it's a beautiful city to walk around in, I absolutely fell in love with London this summer...


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