February Favourites

It has happened, it's the last day of February. Can you believe it? I feel like New Years was yesterday. I know that everybody say's it every month but the month has gone so quickly! Unbelievable. It has been a while since I've done a favourites post, in October I did my last one. Until now I haven't felt the urge to write a post like this but now I suddenly did. So here it comes, my February favourites.

Essie Top Coat & Take It Outside
My first favourite is this top coat from Essie, a miracle worker. This makes my nail polish last a very long time. Especially in combination with another Essie polish. I can go chip-free from Monday to Friday (if I don't work with cardboard boxes) and that's something I've never found in a nail polish. Another thing I really like is the brush, it's very wide and I can sweep it onto my nails in one stroke. The nail polish I've been loving is Take It Outside, also by Essie. Back in January I already showed you this gorgeous polish (read my post on it here) and throughout the month of February I kept wearing and loving it. It's just a gorgeous neutral that works perfect during this time of the year.

Catrice Plum & Base
My next favourite is a lipstick form Catrice. This dark plum lipstick is just gorgeous and even though it's quite an outgoing shade of lipstick, I wear it a lot. I would have never thought I'd like a plum shade like this so much but it's amazing. This I've been wearing a lot during the first part of February but I still love it, even though now I'm leaning a little bit more towards more neutral shades like my other lipstick favourite of this month. Read my review by clicking here.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush Cherub
I bought this in the end of January and it has become one of my makeup staples, it's just so easy to wear and the colour is perfect for everyday. This blush give me a healthy glow and it lasts like forever. For my complexion this is probably the best shade of blush and it's just perfection. You can read my review by clicking here.

MAC Matte Pink Plaid Lipstick
There were two lipsticks I was wearing way too much during the second half of this month. Pink Plaid is one of those (the review of the other one will be online next Wednesday). This is a definitely a lipstick that is perfect for spring but since I cannot wait for better weather I've been wearing this all the time. I've had this for a long time but it remains one of my favourite lipsticks. Read my review by clicking here.

Vera Wang Princess
Every year round this time, this perfume becomes the one I wear every day. It started when I went to Berlin a few years ago and since then I always wear this perfume during February and May. The scent is still warm but not so warm that I feel like I can only wear this during the winter (which it still is). This is a scent with a lot of memories and I will be very sad when I run out of it.

Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Brushes
This is my last favourite of this month but not the least. These brushes are super soft and the work great, I love them and that's all I really have to write about them. Read my review by clicking here.

And that was it for the favourites of this February. It was a very busy but also very quick month that I enjoyed a lot.


Essence Nude Lipsticks

New products! Back in December I showed you which new products Essence and Catrice would bring out this spring and now they're finally here. I restrained myself but I did go home with some new beauties, among them were these two new nude lipsticks.

Last spring Essence launched a new line of lipsticks which I love and now they're expanding that new line with five new nude shades. I was very eager to take a look at them but I was kind of disappointed, Most of them are really pale just don't suit my skin tone. I eventually went home with two out of the five shades, 03 Come Naturally and 05 Cool Nude.

03 Come Naturally - 05 Cool Nude
When I swatched these two lipsticks, my excitement went up the hill. The pigmentation is amazing and they glided onto my arm like a dream. So far so good.

This is 03 Come Naturally, a cool toned nude, almost taupe shade. I absolutely love this shade, the coverage is great and the colour is amazing, it really suits my skin tone. A perfect nude everyday shade.

And this is the other lipstick; 05 Cool Nude. Funny enough, I don't think this one is cool toned at all. For me this is my exact lip colour and to me , this doesn't look cool at all. They should have switched the names on these two. I think this is a gorgeous colour as well and just like Come Naturally is a beautiful colour to wear everyday.

Good job Essence, you brought out amazing new lipsticks. I don't really like the other shades but these two colours are just amazing. They last quite a long time and they wear extremely comfortable, you cannot even feel them on your lips. But maybe the biggest plus is the price, these lipsticks only cost €2.39 which is amazing price for such a good lipstick.


NYC Cityproof Twistable Lip Crayon

Like I said in previous posts this month, I've been buying way too much lip products lately. My storage things are overflowing and still I keep buying more lipsticks, glosses and pencils. This time I went for a product I'm already familiar with, the Cityproof Twistable Lip Crayon from NYC. I already wrote a review about this crayon (read it here) and now I picked up a new shade, 041 Ballroom Blush.

Ballroom Blush is a gorgeous pink with a red undertone.On the photo it looks quite pink but in real life it looks way more red. Lately I've been wearing more reds and this one is a good everyday one. I love the way it looks on me and it looks great with so many eyelooks. The other shade that I got from this line is a very pale pink that's also gorgeous but a lot less wearable. Ballroom Blush is a real stunner and the moisturizing formula makes it really comfortable to wear. A real stunner that I can recommend to anybody.


NYC Mosaic Colour Wheel

I've been eyeing this blush for a while now and on my latest makeup-shopping spree I threw it in my basket and took it home with me. The blush just looks so pretty on the shelves with it's pretty pattern and bright pink colours. I couldn't resist. It's called the Colour Wheel Mosaic Face Powder from NYC and the shade is called '723 Pink Cheek Glow'. There are two other shades available in this mosaic powder line and this is the blush version, there is also a highlighter and a bronzer available.

The powder is a mosaic of four shades. A bronzy shade, a light pink, a bright pink and a darker pink. Swirling them together makes a really soft pink blush. When you buy the blush is looks really shimmery but luckily this is a overspray, after you use it a few times the shimmers are mostly gone and the powder turns into a very pretty glowy blush.

On the left I'm not wearing blush and on the right I am. As you can see, the blush gives me a healthy pink flush. The blush isn't matt but has some shimmers which means this blush also gives me a glow. Because she blush is made out of a mosaic of colour I cannot really describe the shade. It's pink but when I swatched it next to my favourite pink it looked way more peachy. A very pretty shade.

If you're looking for an everyday blush that makes you look healthy and awake I can definitely recommend this one. I for one like it, especially for the price. This blush costs €4,99 and that's a very good price for such a pretty blush.


Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara

Lately I've been getting sick of the two mascaras I owned and I wanted a new one. That's why I went to the drugstore and bought a new one. I've been wanting to try his mascara for a while now and even though I think Maybelline mascaras are way overpriced here in the Netherlands, I went for it and bought it. I believe this is the newest mascara of Maybelline and as you could see in the title it's called the Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara.

The Lash Sensational mascara has, according to Maybelline, a unique, open-fan brush and fresh liquid formula to capture and volumizes lashes from root to top. This is however what most mascaras promise so we'll just have see how much of volumizing it actually does.

The plastic brush of this mascara is curved, just like the shape of an eye. On the inside of the curve the brushes are very short and on the outer curve the bristles are longer and fan out at the end. I'm a fan of plastic mascara wands so that's a good thing but I usually like the straight ones that are shaped like a pylon better. Let's see what this mascara does to my lashes.

The first time I tried this mascara I absolutely hated it. This is definitely a mascara that has to dry out first to be good. After a approximately four uses I realized I liked it. It makes my lashes long and black and also gives them a touch of volume. I didn't curl my lashes for this photo but as you can see, it gives them a nice curl as well. Normally I curl them with an eyelash curler and then it hold the curl really well. It doesn't give me vavavoom voluminous lashes but it does give me pretty natural lashes. I personally like almost fake-like lashes everyday but if you're someone who whats a more natural look this might be a really good mascara for you.

I don't know if I'll repurchase this mascara but I definitely don't dislike it. Like I said, I want a little bit more out of a mascara but it's nice. I'll definitely finish this mascara because it's quite expensive, it costs €15,49. I do like it but it's just not worth almost 16 euros. If you're looking for a natural mascara that lasts all day this might be the mascara you're looking for.


L'Oréal True Match Foundation

It's currently winter (if you didn't know that already), that means I'm as pale as a ghost. This also meant that my foundation was getting way too dark. I was still using the Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance foundation (review) which was a little bit too dark at the moment and as good as empty. The Dutch stores didn't have any foundations that were light enough so I went online and found this one from L'Oréal. This is the True Match Super-Blendable Foundation that has been quite popular in bloggerland lately. You can get this in the Dutch stores but not the lightest shade, N1 Ivory so I ordered it on feelunique.com (where it's also slightly cheaper then here in the Netherlands).

This foundation is available in quite a lot of shades, from dark to very light. The one is called N1 Ivory and it's the lightest shade available (not sold in the Netherlands). I've never tried a L'Oréal foundation before but everybody is always raving about them so I'm quite curious. The foundation is infused with micro mineral pigments that are supposed to perfectly match the skin tone. It's also supposed to make the skin look better in two weeks but personally I don't believe in foundations that make skin look more even or anything, good skin care is the key to that.

Personally I already have quite good skin so I probably won't see any difference at all. I've been tryin this foundation for two weeks now and I really like it. I don't have any blemishes or anything since I started using it but I also cannot say it made my skin look better. On the first photo you can see me without any makeup, on the second one with just foundation and on the third photo I've applied all of my makeup. The foundation had a semi high coverage and makes my skin look absolutely flawless. The only negative thing I have to say about it, is the fact that it's not very moisturizing, even a little bit drying to be honest. I feel like it makes me dry areas (nose, in between my eyebrows) more visible. I really have to make sure I apply a good moisturizer before I apply the foundation.

Products I used:
L'Oréal True Match Foundation N1 Ivory
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer CW 01 (review)
Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set 01 Natural Brunette
MUA Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette (review)
Essence Metallic Effect Eyeshadow 35 Party All Night
Catrice Kohl Kajal 010 Ultra Black
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara
Catrice Prime And Fine Mattifying Powder 010 Translucent (review)
Catrice Gradation Blush Waterloo Sunrise (review)
Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette 372 Fair (review)
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Pink Plaid (review)

I'm wearing a very simple eye look on my eyes that I created mainly with my 'Heaven & Earth' palette by MUA. I used 'Catacomb' all over my lid and applied 'Amber Dune' in my crease and along my lower lashline. 'Aurora' is my highlight and I made a very subtle line with 'Bedrock'. To give the look a little bit more sparkle I padded some of Essence's 'Party All Night' on top and to give my eyes more depth I tightlined my eyes with a black pencil. On the rest of my face I used my favourite soft pink blush and the bronzer and highlighter from my Sleek contouring palette. On my lips I'm wearing my favourite pinkish nude shade and that completes my neutral makeup look.

I'm very happy that I finally have a foundation that is light enough for my light winter skin but I'm not very excited about the drying part of it. Especially in the winter time I have really dry areas on my face and this one isn't helping hiding that. Luckily I can put a sh*t load of moisturizer on face and make it work. I bought mine for €13,59 which is a very nice price for a drugstore/high street foundation (and it's two euros cheaper then here in Holland). I think this is a really good foundation for people with oily skin but if your skin is really dry you're better of with a different one, like the Rimmel one I was talking about at the beginning of this post. If that one came in a lighter shade I'd probably repurchase it instead of this one.


W7 In The Buff Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette

Eyeshadows! Just like lipsticks I have way too many (and blush is taking over my makeup drawer as well) and guess what, I bought more. On one of my most recent shopping trips I picked up this palette from a brand that I never tried before, W7 to be exact. This is a British brand and their palettes have been quite the trend here in The Netherlands. They are known for being a dupe for the infamous Urban Decay Naked palette. At the store I went to they had four different palettes and the one I went for is called 'In The Buff Natural Nudes' and is supposed to be a dupe for Naked 2. I cannot compare them to you but I can review this beauty. Let's see if it's any good.

There is one thing I can compare however, the packaging. The Naked 2 palette as well as the In The Buff palette both come in taupe-coloured tin case with grayish letters. Also both palettes come with a little duel-sided brush, these however aren't the same. The brush from the Urban Decay has two sides with hairs and and this one has a sponge on one side and hairs on the other. I never use sponge applicators but the brush in this palette is quite good. I'm currently using it to apply loose pigments and I'd have to say, it works great for that.

Even the inside of the palette looks similar, twelve rectangle eyeshadows in a row. I'm a little bit disappointed by the shadows to be honest, they're all a bit chalky and some of the shades are less pigmented then others. Still for a budget palette it's quite good, I'd prefer a palette from MUA or Sleek because those eyeshadows are more buttery but this is not bad at all. Let's take a look at their performance.

I made this look using Buff, Sand, Chocolate, Thunder and Onyx. Buff as a inner corner and brow bone highlight, Sand all over the lid, Chocolate in my crease and finally Onyx as my eyeliner. I've to say that I'm not very impressed with these eyeshadows. They have lots of fall out and they're quite crumbly. The final look is alright but the shadows apply quite patchy. They do blend together really well though. I've read so much good reviews on this palette and it just didn't live up to my expectations, I do think I'll use this a lot because it's a really nice neutral one but I thought it would be much better then it is.

Well the colours are gorgeous but the quality of these shadows are less then I expected. That doesn't mean that I don't like it, it's a nice palette, especially for the price. It costed me €8,49 which is a very good price for a palette like this. I do however still want to try a real Urban Decay Naked Palette to see if the quality of those is better. This budget one is a dupe for Naked 2 but if I buy a different one I can probably justify it (still way too expensive).


Catrice Doll's Collection

Fashion Doll meets Sixties. Jetset glamour, black & white contrasts and the influences of optical art. The journey through time takes you back to the 1960’s, to Twiggy, the icon of all top models. With her doll’s eyes, broad eyeliner and thick layers of mascara, she was an idol for an entire generation. To this day, her distinctive look inspires numerous designers: A-line mini dresses, bow applications as well as graphic patterns are featured in the 2015 Spring/Summer collections. We will be paying homage to the hip Sixties flavour with the Limited Edition “Doll’s Collection” by Catrice. The collection convinces with must-have products for an expressive eye make-up look, such as the Matt Dip Eyeliner, the Glamour Doll Mascara and the Doll Lashes. Matt textures and soft pastels including lavender, light green and apricot create a doll-like look with a fresh touch.
Satin Matt Eyeshadow €3.79

Playing in Lavender Heaven - Hide & Green - Be My Porcelain Doll!
The Look. The soft powder eyeshadows with a satin-matt finish come in three limited colours and offer maximum coverage: lavender, cream and pastel green. The pleasantly soft texture feels velvety on your skin and the unique op art packaging is a true eye-catcher.
Matt Dip Eyeliner €2.99

Twiggy’s Eyes. An extra-broad eyeliner style – the Sixties Wing – is the ultimate must-have for perfect doll’s eyes. With the longlasting Matt Dip Eyeliner, it’s quick and easy to trace a large dovetail along your upper lashline. The results are accurate and have a gorgeous matt finish.
Glamour Doll Mascara €3.99

Meet the Icon. Here comes the popular Glamour Doll Mascara in a limited look. The special elastomer brush covers each individual lash with black texture without weighing it down. This provides extra volume to create fascinating, long and thick lashes. Sixties tip: for large doll’s eyes, it’s important to apply mascara on both your upper and your lower lashes!
Doll Lashes €4.49

Big is back. False lashes are an essential part of the Twiggy look. With the Doll Lashes, CATRICE offers artificial lash bands for the upper and lower lashlines to create an expressive eye make-up style with a true wow-effect. The set includes a mini glue.
Ball Blush €3.99

Droll Like a Doll
Bubble Ball. Dab this creamy dome blush directly on your cheeks and it will develop a powdery, matt finish upon contact with the skin. The light textures feels wonderfully soft and the fresh apricot shade provides a gorgeous, radiant complexion.
Nail Lacquer €2.79

Droll Like a Doll - Playing in Lavender Heaven - Hide & Green - Be My Porcelain Doll!
Swinging Sixties Nails. Lavender, apricot, pastel green and white with apricot sparkles – this springtime colour range gives the retro look a light touch. Ultimate colours, ultimate coverage and ultimate shine turn the Nail Lacquers into true must-haves with effects ranging from plain to sparkly. Absolutely distinctive: the packaging with an extravagant op art design.
Cuticle Tattoos €2.29

Catch Me If You're Ken
Statement Sign. The Cuticle Tattoos – small and large bows – are applied directly below the nail bed on your fingers to give the nails a stylish frame. First, remove any make-up residues or excess sebum from the area of skin where you plan to apply the Cuticle Tattoo. Next, choose the desired tattoo size, cut it out and remove the white backing paper. Then press the tattoo onto dry skin for 5 seconds with the image facing downwards. Finally, peel off the transparent foil and your design is done. Easy to remove using baby oil. A romantic token of love for this beautiful era.

A new Catrice collection always makes me happy, especially when I know for certain it will be available in the Netherlands. I do have to say this isn't really a collection that appeals to me. The mascara I love but that's not new since I've already owned it (review)  but the rest is not something that makes me super excited. The fake lashes and eyeshadows look pretty but the eyeshadows don't really come in shades I'd Wear. No lipsticks or anything but those are usually the product that make me want a collection really bad. Not really my style but a really cute collection.
This collection will be available from mid March to mid May 2015.

All information and images are from http://chicprofile.com/2015/02/catrice-dolls-collection-for-spring-2015.html, all opinions are my own.

Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil

Today I'm reviewing a new lip product I'm really excited about. I heard/read first about these on www.viviannadoesmakeup.com but I didn't really get much excited. G however convinced me to but one (and later I bought another) and I have to say, I'm quite enthusiastic about it.

These are basically thick lip liners that you can use over your whole lips. They're available in ten shades but in Holland they only sell nine, 630 Nude Perfection, 140 Minimalist, 420 In With Coral, 150 Fuchsia Desire, 110 Pink So Chic, 310 Berry Much, 510 Red Essential, 410 Fab Orange and 520 Light It Up. I don't know what the last shade that's available is called and the shades I bought are called Minimalist and Pink So Chic. All the shades have a velvet texture and therefore are matt. I'm curious to see if that also means that they're drying as well...

Minimalist is a light pink shade and to my astonishment it has shimmers in it. Pink So Chic is a dark berrylike shade and just like the other one, it has shimmer in it. I don't get it, shimmers doesn't line up with the velvet finish they're supposed to have. This doesn't mean I don't like them however, I'm in love with these swatches. The pencils are really pigmented and they glided onto my wrist very smoothly.

This is my favourite out of the two, Minimalist is like I said, a really light pink shade. The shimmers are visible but they don't make your lips look like a disco ball. The pencil is a little bit drying on the lips but nothing that can't be solved with a lip balm. This does mean that the pencil shows the fine lines of your lips, just apply a lip balm first. I like this shade a lot, it's a very pretty nude to wear every day.

This one is less wearable for every day. It's a berry shade but it's not warm toned, it looks like the shimmers are silver which make this lip pencil appear cool toned. I don't like this one when I just apply it but I do like it when I pad the colour into my lips. It makes them look stained and pretty. This one is a little bit less drying then Minimalist but I still recommend a lip balm. Dabbed into my lips it's a gorgeous shade that's perfect for this time of the year.

I'm very happy that I picked up these two shades but I doubt I'll picked up more. The formula is quite drying and if all the shades have this metallic like sheen to them they won't be my cup of tea. I looked at other shades online online other one I like is Nude Perfection so maybe that I'll go for that one soon. It looks like that one doesn't have any shimmers in it. These pencils costs €7,99 and I think that's a very good price for these. The colour range is very wide and they really do last a long time. They also stain the lips a little which makes the colour visible for a really long time. I'm not lyrical about them but I do like them and I've been wearing Minimalist quite a lot past weeks. Give them a swatch in the stores because I'm sure there will be a shade to your liking between them.