The Reading Challenge

Hello my lovely readers,

You might have noticed the new widget on the side of my blog; the 2015 Reading Challenge, and I thought you'd like to know what this is. I basically decided that I wanted to read more this year and when this challenge popped up I set a goal and started. The goal I set was to read 25 books (at least) and I really hope I'll make it. Somewhere during June and July I'll write an update on the books I read (not huge reviews just if I liked them or not) and then we'll see if I'm on schedule. In the meantime you can keep track of my challenge though the widget but you can also click it and set your goal yourself!
I didn't set many goals this year because I didn't want to do too much this year. The only things I really would like this year are getting more active, eating a little bit healthier, reading more and focusing on my study. That's all and it shouldn't be that difficult right? I also hope I can keep posting quite regularly on this blog but we'll have to see how that goes. Did you set any goals for 2015?


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