Happy New Year

Hello my lovely readers,

Before I start today's post I want to wish you all a happy new year, or 'gelukkig nieuwjaar' as we say here in the Netherlands. I thought it would be cool to go through my year with you guys. I've seen this on several blogs and who is stopping me to do it as well? Here are some of my most memorable moments of 2014.
I don't how the school systems work outside of the Netherlands but here you have to take a national exam when you want to graduate high school. At my (and a lot of other schools) it's tradition to do a prank. This year we choose horror as theme and trashed the whole school. On the photo you can see how the teachers lounge looked and this was how the whole school was looking that day.
On the 12th of June I heard I passed my finals and graduated. I cried so much that day but I was really really happy. In July I had my graduation ceremony during which, I cried a lot, again.
Scheveningen, Den Haag
In September school started again. I started the next fase in my life in Amsterdam. I now study communication and multimedia design and I'm planning to move out (I still life with my parents) to a room in Amsterdam. I was terrified on my first day but luckily I quickly made some friends and now I'm very happy with the choices I made.
Thomas Azier, Appelpop 
In October I had the change to watch a football match from a skybox! I'm not the biggest footbalfan but this was an amazing experience.
Sheppard, Paradiso.
Christmas Gala, Amsterdam. This is the only photo I have of this night without other people so it's the only one I can share. I had an amazing party with amazing people and I cannot not include this evening. 

And that was about it, my favourite moments of 2014. It was a year full ups and downs but if I look back I can mostly see the ups. The year has flown by and I cannot believe it is 2015 now! One of the things I learned this year is that you have to live everyday, take your moments but also remember to relax sometimes. Before you know it the year is over and you have to make sure that you make the most out of it!


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