Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder

A while ago I dropped my beloved All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder and the lid broke off. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but since the lid wouldn't stay put anymore, the powder was crumbling all over my drawer of makeup. Therefore I decided it was time too throw it out and buy a brand new powder. Since I liked that powder from Catrice soo much I decided that I would buy another one from this brand, I went for the 'Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder'.

This facepowder comes in a clear pan with a black lid. Inside the lid is a integrated mirror. It feel sturdy but I do think the lid will fall off again if I drop it (but that's the case with most powders right?).

This is a transparant powder, I never really use coloured powders because thopwose powders tend to look very cakey. Transparant powders always look much natural and do the same job. This powder promises to do a lot but just like most powders this is just a powder that mattifies to the skin. It says that it has a soft-focus effect and vitamin A+E but in the end all it does is make you face look matt.
That doesn't mean that I don't like this powder, it does everything I want it too do and it's also quite long lasting. My face (especially my t-zone) doesn't get greasy during the day. I like this and as long as I don't drop it, I'll probably use it every single day.
This powder costs €4,99.



  1. Hi, I'll buy a mattifying powder. Which one do you suggest; Catrice prime and fine or All Matt Plus Shine Control? By the way; i read all your blog post in two days. You are an amazing blogger :* Thank you for sharing all of these information. :)

    1. Hi! That's such a nice complement to hear! I think you should go for the prime and fine one because the packaging is much more sturdy. Another mattifying powder I really like is the all about matt powder from Essence, that one is slightly cheaper but just as good..

      You're comment really made my day!