Catrice Leaving Soon - Recommendations

Hello my lovely readers,

When I was browsing online for new makeup I realized I had not taken  a look at the products that will be discontinued this spring. Going through all of them would take me way too look and therefore I'll just show you my recommendations. Here are the products of which I think you should pick them up before they're gone.

420 Talk Like An Eygyptian - 670 Vanilla & Charles - 770 Smoothie Operator
In total there are six shades what will be discontinued but these three are my favourites. I don't own any of these particular shades but I do like some of the Catrice mono's. You have to look for the gems but after looking at some swatches of them online, I really think these three are beautiful. 'Talk Like An Egyptian' is perfect if you're looking a yellowy gold shade, 'Vanilla & Charles' is a gorgeous highlighter and perfect if your just starting out with  makeup and 'Smoothie Operator' is a highly pigmented yellow shade and since nice yellow shades are hard to find I think this is the one you should go for if you want one.

040 Never Let Me Go
I actually own a few of these palettes but just like the mono's, you have to look for the gems. Again I don't any of these the palettes that are going but 'Never Let Me Go' is the one out of the four that I'd buy after looking online. This is a gorgeous nude palette that's perfect for the girls that are just starting to wear eyeshadows and want something pretty and nude. The colours are very pigmented and if I didn't already have so many nude shadows I'd definitely pick this beauty up.

070 Gold Leaf Me
Again, I don't own this shade but I do own three other shades in the Liquid Metal range. I don't wear them a lot but they are gorgeous and highly pigmented. 'Gold Leaf Me' is a greenish golden shade and I really think this will find it's way to my house pretty soon.

170 Blues Willis
Finally, a product that do own. This is a gorgeous blue eyepencil that I use quite a lot, mainly in the summertime but that doesn't matter. It's incredibly pigmented and lasts a really long time. The blue shade is very in your face but it looks gorgeous under the eyes. You can read my review here.

060 Go Flamingo Go - 250 Matt About Pink - 290 Sweet Coraline
The first lip product I'd recommend is this 'Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm' which is like the name suggests, a shiny lip balm. I'm not a massive fan of these because they're quite sticky but after looking this shade up online, I kind of fell in love. 'Go Flamingo Go' is a gorgeous sheer orange colour that I'd love to try. There are also some 'Ultimate Colour' lipsticks going, these lipsticks are probably my favourite ones in the drugstore and these two shades are gorgeous. 'Matt About Pink' is a super bright pink matt shade and 'Sweet Coraline' a more orangy red matt shade which I own but not wear a lot since the shade isn't flattering on me. You can read my review here.

01 Fuchsiarama - 44 Mermaid My Day - 55 Get The Blues
There are nine of shades going of the ultimate colour line and these three are the ones I'd buy. The swatches of these look creamy and nice and the colours are quite special in my opinion. Three shades that appeal to me and maybe also to you.

And that was it, these are the products I'd buy or own from the things that will be gone in February. I'm not sure which I'm actually going to buy but maybe this post gave you an idea of what to buy.


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