Capturing London In Black & White #3

Hello my  lovely readers,

I know it already was last year that G and I went to London but I'm still doing my London posts. Nobody ever gets bored when looking at photos of London right?
Day three of our time in London started by visiting Notting Hill again because now there actually was a market. However, it was incredibly busy and we just felt crushed and uncomfortable. After a short time visiting market we decided to go to Tate modern. While walking to Tate we were passed by a huge parade of bikers but we had now idea what kind of event this was.
While walking we spotted St Paul's Cathedral, we didn't go any closer then this to the building but even from far away, it looked gorgeous. Especially on this photo, you can really see the character of London, many old beautiful building but also new industrial ones, a pretty contrast that you see all over London. 

Before we actually went to Tate, we had a bit of a break at the base of the Millennium Bridge. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was really relaxing. A very quiet spot in a very busy city. The view was absolutely gorgeous, on one side we saw the Shard and on our other hand we had the Millennium Bridge. At one point I got a little bit bored and started risking my life (well, risking falling into the Thames) to take the last photo, looks cool right? I was standing on that concrete wall you see a little bit off on the left, I felt really badass haha.

Then we went onto the bridge, a huge super long bridge (nothing compared the small bridges in Amsterdam). From the bridge we had a spectacular view over the Thames and even saw Tower Bridge for the first time, very far away but still. I also spotted some love locks on the railing, I think it's cute but guys, please only do this in Paris on the 'Pont des Arts' and 'Pont de l'Archevêché' and not on a random bridge in London.
At the end of the bridge (next to Tate)  you also had quite a spectacular view off St Paul's Cathedral. I think this is a beautiful photo (it's my desktop background haha) because of the symmetry, it looks like a triangle with the Cathedral at the top. 
At the base of the bridge were several street artist. My camera battery ran out so I only have this photo of them, this guy was amazing and I was memorized by this music. One other guy that I remember was a guy who blew huge bubbles which gave this place a really fun and almost magic feeling that I'll remember. 
Inside the museum was a lot of beautiful art by amazing artists. Including a painting of one my favourite artists, Monet. I love his art but this was the first time I saw his work in real life. A lot of people will say this is just some ugly stains on canvas but it's so much more, if you just take look and read the reason why Monet painted like this. 
I also saw this amazing artwork by Man Ray. It's not necessarily pretty but for me this has a lot of memories (art class during Highschool). I believe this is a replica but I don't care, the dada art movement is one of my favourites because they are un-normal, I love it. 
The last thing out of the museum I'm going to share with you is this quote on the wall. I don't know why but it just spoke to me. 
This little sign is something I had the giggles about. The people surrounding us must have thought we were very weird but in Dutch 'stout' means 'naughty' so you can understand why we laughed so hard about this. How would you feel when you suddenly walked by a sign that said 'naught' with a mustache and a bowler hat.
Then I also saw that the Thames had tides. I knew this but it wasn't until I saw it it realized it. So weird to see this, because as far as I know, we don't have river with tides this massive in the Netherlands (or at least I've never seen it).
We walked back over another bridge to get dinner at a place we found online and had a lot of fun in this very scary and creepy tunnel. Look at G walking mega swagalicious! haha.
Then there was the hugest fail of our citytrip. We walked a long time to a restaurant that was supposed to be cheap and good but once we finally got there, it was redone and looked really expensive. We turned around and decided to get dinner at the ssupermarketand make it a chill evening. 

And that was it for our third day and this post. I hope you liked it!


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