Winter Makeup (with Rimmel)

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Today I have something a little bit different for you, I'm combining a review with a look. I bought two Rimmel products that I thought would be perfect for this time of the year. First I'm going to review them and then I'll show you the look, enjoy!
Like I said both of these products are from Rimmel. The first one is the infamous Apocalips Lip Laquer. Over a year ago I reviewed a different shade in this line of lip colours (read my review here) and I still wear that one a lot. That one is a nice pink neutral but this shade is the complete opposite. 

This shade is called 'Eclipse' and it's the darkest of the seven shades that are available here in the Netherlands. Together with the one called 'Across The Universe', these two shades are the newest out of the seven and they launched last year as the 'autumn/winter' shades. The rest of the Apocalips Lip Lacquers are all quite bright and summery but these two are dark and wintery.

I already own one of these lip lacquers so I know that this is a good and pigmented product, this shade is no different. You have to be careful when you apply them though, the sponge applicator gives you enough product to cover your whole lips at once but it's not very precise. I highly recommend using a lip brush to smooth the product out and make it look nice and neath. Personally I like to apply the product with the sponge applicator on my lips and than take some of the product on a brush and smooth the edges out. A lip liner is unnecessary with the Apocalips since they won't move or bleed once they are on your lips. 
The Rimmel Apocalips cost €10,99 and there are seven shades available.

Moving on to the other product, the Glam'Eyes HD Eyeshadow Palette in Brixton Brown. This is a much buzzed about palette in the beautycommunity and I thought it was time to check this one out myself. According to Rimmel these shades have a new hypbrid powder-cream technology that glides onto the eyes and is super easy to blend. It's supposed to be smudge-proof and crease-proof.
There are five shades in the palettes; a greyish brown, a dark brown, a light brown, a champagne shade and a coppery one. All of them are shimmery but only the shimmers in the copper and champagne shades are really noticeable on the eyelids. All five of the shades are nicely pigmented (some more than others) and they blend really nicely together on the lid. 

This is the eye look I made with the palette. I kept it very neutral because the lips will be the eye catcher. Not a lot of products, just a very easy and simple look. I started by applying the light brown shade all of my lid to get a nice base. Then I gave my crease some definition by applying the dark brown in the crease. The only other thing I did was apply the champagne shade on my brow bone as a highlight and blended the whole thing together.
The Glam'Eyes HD Eyeshadow Palette in Brixton Brown costs €11,99.
And this is the full look, a neutral winter look with a nice dark red lip. This is the kind of look I love to wear in the winter, it goes perfectly with almost all of my winter clothes and it's easy (but still gives you a little bit extra). 
These are all the products I used.
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation (review)
  • Nyx HD Concealer Photogenic Porcelaine
  • Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Powder 010 Transparant (review)
  • Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette Fair 372 (review)
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush 120 Pink Rose
  • Essence Brow Stylist Set
  • Catrice Lash Extension Volume Mascara (review)
And that was is for today's post, I hope you liked this review even though it was a bit different then usual. I definitely like both of these product, the eyeshadows I've been wearing for a few days straight now and I really love how it makes my greenish eyes pop. I think I will wear the lip lacquer a little bit less because you have to take your time when your applying it but it is a gorgeous product that I will reach for quite a lot I think. I'm a fan.


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