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Hello my lovely readers,

Usually I do an empties post every two months but last month I didn't because I didn't have enough products. Now I do and I've also given these posts a new name, from now on these are called 'Products I've Used Up'.
These past three months I've used up quite a lot of products and there is something from every category, some shower products, skin care but candles as well.
Andrélon Natural Pure Silk an Zen Shampoo and Conditioner - Vichy Energizing Shampoo Targets Hairloss
I'm going to be start with the hair products. This time I've finished three shampoos (one every month haha) and one conditioner. I started using the Andrélon ones because I hoped that by using shampoos without any sh*t in it would stop my hairloss. For some reason I've been losing a lot of hair lately and I don't know what to do. When the Andrélon shampoo didn't work I turned to a special anti hairloss shampoo from Vichy but that didn't work as well.
Just like every month I also finished some shower gels. The Fa one was perfect for the late summer but that's all I can remember about it. The one from Rituals was amazing during the last couple of weeks. It's a warm but fresh scent and the foaming shower gels remain one of my favourite shower products. The last shower gel I finished is from The Body Shop and I believe this was a summer limited edition. I'm very sad that it's gone because it smelled absolutely amazing!
These are the skin care products I finished. I finally went through to my second bottle of Bioderma and now I'm completely out of this amazing stuff. For me now is the perfect time to try out other miceallar waters and review them for you. I also finished this huge bottle of makeup remover milk, also my second bottle. This is from ROC and it 's amazing, this removes everything. You don't need to rub or anything, just a wipe is good enough. Moving on to the jars in this photo, the first one is a huge jar of Nivea Soft Hydrating Cream and even though I used this as a face cream at first, it went empty while I was using it as a body moisturizer. There nothing wrong with it as a face cream but I like the other product that I finished better. That's from Vichy and I've been using this for a very long time and I always go back to it.
Moving on to the makeup products I finished or that I'm throwing away. The giant bottle you see is the brush cleanser from HEMA, this is what I always use to clean my brushes and I already bought a new one. The rest of the products in this photo aren't empty but their time has come to throw them away. The mascara is more the then three month old so it's time. I've been using this one a lot and it's an amazing mascara that I'm sad to have to split with. The eyeliner is another product that I loved using but sadly it has dried out. The nail polish is also dried out, the consistency is all sticky and thick and it's just not possible to use it anymore.
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue - HEMA Destressing Bodybutter - Palmer's Concentrated Cream - Nivea Satin Sensation Deodorant
These are the last four products so your almost done with this long read. The perfume is kind of cheating but I still wanted to include this in this post because I am throwing it away. It still had 2/3 of perfume left but the spray-thingy is broken so I cannot use it anymore. It's not a massive drama because this wasn't my favourite perfume but I still like it a lot and used to wear it quite often. I also finished this body butter from HEMA, this was perfect for when I wanted to have a chilled evening and just go to bed all relaxed. The little tube I finished is the product I used to moisturize my feet with and the other little thing is a mini deodorant that I got in a gift set with some other products. It was just a basic deodorant that worked fine. 

And that was it for this long read. If you want read reviews of the products you can just click on the blue link to go to them. I hope you liked and have a lovely rest of the day, even tough it's Monday and you probably just want it to be over...


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  1. Try some vitamins for your hairloss. I know from my experience that it works better than shampoos or any other product that promise that.