New Catrice Products (Spring/Summer 2015)

Hello my lovely readers,

You might have been wondering where I've been the past week, well I was busy with school and had to take some time for myself. In the meantime I've also been working on this large post.
In this post I'll show you the Catrice update for the spring/summer 2014. There are new products but also some shades of already existing products. Overall it looks very promising and I'm very excited for it. All the photos are from
860 The Beauty And The Beige - 870 On The Taupe Of The Matt Everest - 880 On The Cover Of PastELLE - 890 Here Comes The Bright! - 900 Li-La Bamba - 910 My Mermint
There will be six new shades in the  Absolute Eye Colour Mono-line. These mono's aren't my favourite eyeshadows but I do think I'll pick up the matt one, that shadow looks very promising. The eyeshadows cost € 2,89.

010 Frankie Rose To Hollywood
This a beautiful looking palette and I'm super curious about the color-payoff of the shadows. My eyes have a tint of green through it and I think these colours will really make them pop. The palette will cost €4,99.

120 Satina Van Der Woodsen
This is the last new eyeshadow that will come out, it's a gorgeous coppery metallic shade and I'm sure I'll pick it up when this arrives. It will cost €3,99.
010 Pearlafornia Dreamin' - 020 Beigà-Vu - 030 Welcome To St. Rosez - 040 The Mintalist - 050 Love Me Lavender - 060 Nothing Else MUDers
These Satin Stay Cream To Powder Eyeshadows & Liners are completely new. I'm curious about these, I can't form an image in my head to be honest.  I don't have the price of these yet but I do know these will only be available in stores with the extra big shelves.

200 You're My Rosen One!
I absolutely love these pencils and I'm very happy that they're bringing out a nude shade next to all the brights that are already in the collection. This costs €1,99.

010 Black
This is interesting, a eyeliner that boosts your lashes growth. I don't think it will work to be honest but who know maybe this will be a huge successI don't have the price yet but I do know these will only be available in stores with the extra big shelves.

010 Come Black And Stay
This is nothing special, just a new black pencil. This will cost €2,89.
010 Please, Mauve Black! - 020 Avokhaki - 030 Blueny Tunes
These Velvet Matt Smokey Eyes Pencils are more for the autumn/winter time in my opinion but I'm still excited for it. Especially the khaki pencil looks really nice to just wear a a simple eyeliner. These will cost €2,59.

This is a bit of a weird new mascara, it's waterproof but you can wash it off with warm water. According to Catrice, the texture will slide right off your lashes in small tubes. I have no idea what to imagine this but I'll most certainly try this.  I don't have the price yet but I do know these will only be available in stores with the extra big shelves.

These new 'Jet' mascaras are a complete new line, one in black, one in waterproof and one for curl and volume. I don't have the prices of these mascaras yet.

050 Charlie Brow'n Is Black In Town
I personally never use pencil to fill in my browns but I do think it's good that they're bringing out more shades. Now you'll have more change that you'll find a shade that fits your hair colour. This pencil costs €2,59.


010 Good Nudes! - 020 Let's Go Brown-Town - 030 Undercover Nude - 040 Pretty Little Valentine - 050 Coffee & Cream
060 Dresscode: Nude - 070 What's AP-ricot! - 080 Don't Mind The Pink - 090 Lovable Me - 100 Me, My Macaron & I

110 My Pink-Instinct - 120 Wood Rose Propose? - 130 Brigitte Loves - 140 Meet Violeta
This is a complete new lipstick-line which probably means an old line will disappear. That will probably be announced later. These are the Luminous Lips Lipsticks and they have hyaluronic acid added to them to make you lips fuller and plump them. There are fourteen shades and depending on how well the coverage is, I think I'll have to pick up a few (or more)....These will cost €3,99.

100 Sheer Your Mind
I'm not a fan of these lip balms and I don't think this shade will change my mind. Sorry to be so negative but any I just don't like these. This will cost €4,99.

380 Nude-Tastic - 390 On The Pink Side Of Life - 400 Rose-Mantic Nights
The ultimate colour lipsticks however are one of my favourite lipsticks. Most of the shades are amazingly pigmented and there is a very wide variety of colours. Three new shades that will hopefully be beautiful. They will cost €3,99.

180 Champagne Is In The Air! - 190 Little Miss Pink-Shine - 210 Lost In The Rose-Wood - 200 Mandarine Minded 
220 Be My Ballerina! - 230 Glossip Girl - 240 Like A Vintage Rose - 250 Pink-Terest
I've never been a lip gloss girl but there is one lip gloss that changed that (Tanya Burr's). Since then I've been wearing more lip gloss and these eight new shades look like they could end up in my basket.These will costs €2,99.

080 What's Your Atti-tude?
I have one of these lip polishes already, a neon bright pink, but I hardly wear it because it's so bright. This shade however looks really pretty and nude and maybe I'll give it a change. It will cost €4,99.

010 Nude - 020 Vanilla - 030 Sand
Until now, I haven't tried any concealer sticks that I liked. They're usually very chalky and the coverage is normally not that great. I don't know about these ones, we'll have to find out I guess. These will cost €2,99.

010 Soft Ivory - 020 Nude Rose
025 Light Beige - 030 Natural Beige
This is another product I'm not a fan off, mousse foundation. I can remember that when I was young and these were 'the' thing back then. I however never tried these and I'm not planning on doing that now. These cost €4,99.

Transparant Matte
I absolutely love the powders from Catrice and I think this will be a good one as well. Personally I like pressed powders better then loose ones but in the past I've tried one from Catrice that was very similar to this new one, and love that. 

01 White & Bright - 02 Fresh Love Affair - 03 Way Too Beautiful - 04 Your Fresh Apri-Coat
05 To The Nude Mood - 06 Magical Nude - 07 Delight In Pure Light - 08 Little Dose of Rose
This is a new nail polish line and i'd have to say, it looks really good. I never was a big fan of nudes but since this summer I love the look of a nice nudey look. It just looks so dainty and pretty. This line is called Luxury Nudes and I'm very much looking forward to these, they will cost €2,89.
01 Shabby Cadilac - 02 Crush On Matt - 03 Little Lady Baltimore - 04 Minty Memories
05 Get Boho in Soho - 06 Polaroid Promises - 07 Retro Love - 08 Because I'm Shabby
This is another new line of nail polishes, also luxury but not nude. Catrice describes these shades as retro but I don't really get that. The shades look beautiful however, I'm hoping the quality is amazing because I will most definitely pick them up if that's the case. I don't have the prices of these yet but I do know that they will only be available in stores with the extra big shelves.
79 The Bride Takes It All - 80 Blurred Limes - 81 My Yellow Fellow - 82 A Gallon of Melon - 83 All You Need Is Pink
84 Next Stop: Satin Tropez- 85 Can You SEA Me? - 86 (S)wimbledon - 87 One Mint Wonder - 88 Lilac Satinfaction - 89 Peach Club
There are also 10 new shades of the regular nail polish line. Very bright shades and perfect for the summer or spring. Not every polish from Catrice is good but overall these polishes are great and definitely worth the €2,99 that they cost. 
Ultra Protect Base Coat - Pro White Effect - Power Nail Hardener
The pinkish polish is a base coats that's enriched with calcium and makes discolorations don't stand a change, it also smooths irregularities. The purpley polish contains pro white pigments that visibly lighten your nails instantly. The last polish strengthens and hardens the nails. I don't have the prices of these yet but I do know that they will only be available in stores with the extra big shelves.
Speed Dry Drops - Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Base Coat - Express Cuticle Remover
The speed dry drops are designed to make your nail polish dry faster, for me this would be ideal since I always think my nails are dry and then ruin them. The second bottle is the first step to a system that promises to make your nail polish lasts ultra long and makes your nails healthy again. The last polish is a cuticle remover. I've had these in the past but for some reason I never purchased a new one lately. Maybe I'll give this one a try. The first and third product will only be available in store with extra large shelves, the middle polish is also available in the regular stores. I only have the price of this one of the moment, that will cost €3,59.
Silk Matt Top Coat - Gel Like Top Coat - Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Top Coat
This matt topcoat will give any nail polish a matte finish. The Gel like top coat does the opposite, this one gives your nails a gel like finish. The last polish is step three of the system I talked about earlier. Again only this one will be available in every store and the other two in the ones with bigger shelves. Step tree will cost €3,59 and I don't have the other prices yet.

I love these pens, they are perfect to correct little mistakes you made while doing your nails. This one contains vitamin E, jojoba oil and glycerine, is free of acetone and has a water lily scent. It will be available in stores with bigger shelves and I don't have the price yet.

This is a mirror file, mirror files are the best for your nails because they don't split them. It will be available in stores with bigger shelves and I don't have the price yet.

I've never been a fan of these pens because they were never moisturizing enough. This one however is infused with vitamin E, shea butter, olive and jojoba oil, aloe era and bamboo extracts. A lot of shit that moisturizes and therefore I hope this one will be really good.  It will be available in stores with bigger shelves and I don't have the price yet.


This is the last new products, an eyeshadow base. Catrice already had one but that one came in a jar and I've never tried it. I rarely use an eyeshadow base because eyeshadow lasts really well one me but the one I do have needs replacing (it's really old), therefore I'll pick this up I think... This base will cost €3,59.

And that was it! It took me quite a long time to make this post for you since I had to make all the collages and let's be real, there are a lot of products. Essence will also release new product and those will also appear in a post (I don't know when I'll finish that one since it will also take some time. As you could read, I don't have all the prices but I'll update them when I know more. Also, I have found some other new products on different sites but since this is what the official Catrice website says, I'll go with this one. I hope you liked this post and please let me know what products you are most looking forward to!


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