Essence New Products (Spring/Summer 2015)

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I'm sending out one last blogpost before Christmas this year. During the past week I've shown you the new Catrice products that will come next spring en the Essence products that will make room for new products. Today I'm showing you for which ones, these are the beauties that will arrive during February (some the 23rd and some the 30th).
Some of the following products will be available in every store but some will only be available in the stores with bigger shelves. I don't know which.
01 Candy Crush - 02 Sugar Shock - 03 Pastel Party! - 04 Welcome To Candy Land! - 05 Pink Lollipop - 06 Cotton Candy - 07 Vanilla Cream - 06 Peach Smoothie - 20 Get The Look!
This Gloss pampers the lips with valuable aloe vera so that they feel wonderfully soft and supple. Beautiful pastel shades offer a subtle touch of colour and a shiny finish. Colour and Care. I don't know the price of these yet.
Kiss and care in the city! The gentle texture of the lipblam is moisturizing and pampering thanks to it's premium castor oil ingredients, the highlight: these lipbalms have a refreshing fruity taste and ensure a natural look with their subtle color-dispersion. This is new shade in an already existing line and costs €1,39.
Longlasting love… you simply have to fall in love with the longlasting lipsticks by essence. The lipsticks provide your lips with intensive color for several hours without drying them out. You're sure to find whatever you're looking for – from bright pink to intensive red and chilled-out berry to subtle nude shades. The essence logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of color to match the actual color of the lipstick are true eye-catchers. This is new shade in an already existing line and costs €2,39.
01 Shy Beauty - 02 Blush Ivory - 03 Taste The Sweets - 04 Soft Whisper - 05 Just Nude! - 06 Soft Almond - 01 Wearing Only A Smile - 02 Porcelain Doll - 03 Come Naturally - 04 It's Nude Time! - 05 Cool Nude
Nude! A nude range is joining the family of popular XXXL lipglosses. Beautiful soft shades highlight every girl’s natural beauty and ensure the perfect style for every occasion. The subtle colour pigmentation creates a fresh look. The reservoir brush offers just the right amount of texture and the soft applicator ensures an especially easy application. This is a new line but because all the XXXL lipglosses have the same price, I'm guessing these will cost €2,39.
Forever nude! The trend… Also on your lips. The light and creamy texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips and offers long-lasting results. Natural beauty – nude suits absolutely every girl! This is a new range but because they are very similar to the regular lipsticks, these will probably cost €2,39.
01 Ready For Red - 02 Sweetheart - 03 Yummy Berry - 04 Peach Beauty - 05 Lovely Frappuccino -  06 A Girl's Dream - 07 Plum Cake - 08 Girl Next Door - 09 Purely Me! - I Like Long Lashes! - False Lash Effect - 01 - 24 Purple Grey'n - Clear - 01 Blondy Brows - 02 Browny Brows
The perfect pencil for lips with definition! The essence longlasting lipliner allows you to accurately trace the contours of your lips. The super soft texture ensures a simple application and provides intensive, long-lasting colour that won’t streak. With nude shades as well as many other colours, the choice of colour is huge. The retractable mine turns this lipliner into a practical beauty tool, even when you’re on the go. This is a new line and I don't have the price yet.
Long lashes! This mascara delivers what every girl wants: long, defined lashes without clumping. The I like long lashes! volume & length mascara contains lengthening synthetic fibers that cover the lashes to make them look longer. The small elastomer brush with a wow-effect ensures perfect definition for a breathtaking look – also suitable for use on your lower lashes.
Royal sister! there’s a fabulous addition to the family of lash princess mascaras in black. the special, conic shape of the fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as a false-lash effect. and just like her sister, the packaging of the drama queen is decorated with a gorgeous evening dress – this time in black-mint. princess(ence) deluxe! This will cost €3,39.
The name says it all: super accurate eyeliner styles are as easy as child’s play with the easy 2 use eyeliner pen. no matter whether subtle or expressive – thanks to the innovative brush tip, individual eyeliner looks are super easy, even for newbies! This will cost €2,89.
Long-lasting and color-intense: the long-lasting eye pencil is super-easy to apply accurately thanks to its innovative twist-mechanism and guarantees long-lasting color results.This will cost €1,59.
Well-shaped! say goodbye to unruly eyebrows! With the help of the eyebrow fixing pencil, you can get your eyebrows into shape in a flash. an unbeatable team: while the transparent soft wax texture gets your eyebrows to stay put in the desired shape, the integrated brush gives your eyebrow style the perfect finishing touch. Extra-tip: the eyebrow fixing pencil can be used on top of colour eyebrow pencils and as a preparation for eyebrow powder for longer lasting results. I don't have the price of this yet.
Fill up… 3in1 – colour, density and shape! The tinted gel of the make me brow eyebrow gel mascara contains tiny fibers that fill in any unwanted gaps for beautifully defined and full eyebrows. These are completely new and will cost €2,59.
20 Daily Glam - 21 Lavender Frost - 22 Khaki Couture
Metal meets glam! metallic and shimmering effects on your eyes are the ultimate trend! The especially soft texture with extremely high coverage and metallic results creates expressive eye make-up guaranteed to be eye-catching! The range of colors is huge and sure to make every beauty’s heart beat faster! These are three new shades to an already existing line of eyeshadows, they cost €2,59.
06 Romance - 07 Deepsea
All about… Beautiful eyes: a gorgeous look is guaranteed by the eyeshadow palettes with six trendy colors each. the smooth texture of the eyeshadows contains shimmering, matt and metallic effects – for endless looks. The All About palettes aren't new but these are two different shades, they cost €3,59.
17 Crème De La Crème
Quattro eyeshadow – quattro styles. Different textures ranging from silky shimmering to intensive shine ensure unlimited creativity with your eye make-up. Perfectly aligned shades, excellent color-dispersion and long-lasting results make the quattro eyeshadow an absolute favorite! There are more of these quattro's already, this is just a new shade. It will cost €2,99.
01 Vanilla Sugar - 02 Cake Pop - 03 Crème Brûlée - 04 Sweet Like Chocolate - 05 My Favourite Tauping - 06 Coffee Bean
So Natural in love! Nude is light, soft and available in different eyeshadow nuances ranging from subtle beige to rosé to soft brown. The baked texture of the eyeshadow range offers a silky to matt finish and an individual, natural look. The packaging matches the shape of the texture and shows the nude tones at their best. This is a completely new line of eyeshadows and they will cost €2,59.
01 Snowflake - 02 Flipper -03 Rosie Flamingo - 04 I'm Blushing - 05 Jade Me Up!
06 Pippa Mint - 07 Early Bird - 08 Apricotta - 09 Raindrops On Roses - 10 Dance Mauve
11 Tiffunny - 12 Black Is The New Black - 13 Ocean Drive - 14 Chilli Vanilli - 15 Hazel Me Not
16 Triple Choc - 17 No Cream, No Sugar - 18 All I need - 19 The Grammy Goes Glammy
The soft powder eyeshadows are easy to apply and blend for long-lasting results. The texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lids and has a cool wave embossment. Different colours and effects ranging from matt to shimmering to slightly metallic give you lots of choice and ensure the perfect eye make-up for every occasion. Essence has discontinued all of their mono eyeshadows and is bringing back these completely new 19 shades. These will cost €1,69.
10 Nude Ivory - 20 Nude Beige - 30 Nude Sand - 40 Nude Honey
Pure pow(d)er! The pure NUDE powder skillfully unites a matt texture with soft shimmer pigments to give your complexion a gorgeous matt finish with a subtle glow effect. The velvety-soft, baked powder texture offers a natural, light coverage. By combining two perfectly aligned shades, each product receives a unique marble design. These are four completely new powders, I don't know the price of these yet.
01 Matt Beige - 02 Matt Sand
Flawless… the ideal make-up for young skin! The pure skin mousse make-up reliably conceals impurities of the skin and leaves your complexion looking flawless and matt without blocking the pores. The soft and creamy mousse texture is easy to apply smoothly and practically melts with your skin. The special clearderm complex with active ingredients helps to to prevent the appearance of skin impurities. I don't have the price of these yet.
10 Matt Beige - 20 Matt Nude
Cover-star! The highly-pigmented and mattifying concealer from the successful “all about matt!” range perfectly conceals dark circles or shadows under your eyes and irregularities of the skin. The creamy, liquid texture is especially easy to blend and its small, pointed opening allows an accurate application. Two shades for warm and cool skin types offer a smooth and matt complexion. These will cost €1,99.
90 Summer Dreaming - How To Make Your Face Glow Makeup Box
Silk skin: a fresh complexion is essential for perfect style! You can set gorgeous, natural-looking highlights in soft as well as brighter shades on your cheeks with this silky-soft blush.soft shine… This is a new shade in an already existing line, it will cost €2,59.
With the products in the how to make face glow make-up box, every complexion is sure to be the star of the show! A subtle shimmering highlighter, a bronzing powder with a shimmer and a pink blush – the box unites the ideal products for a perfect look. Thanks to the integrated applicator and the styling card with step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to create a radiant look. I don't have the price of this box yet.
10 Sunshine - 20 Sunset
A touch of summer… all year! The sun club 2in1 bronzing powder conjures-up a light tan on your face and neckline. The powder is available in two versions: the lighter, matt version of the bronzer is combined with pink blush for a fresh and radiant complexion while the darker, matt bronzer is combined with a highlighter for gorgeous, shimmering accents. Each powder is produced individually, making each product a true one-of-a-kind. These two beauties will cost €3,59 each.
26 Awesome Blossoms - 28 Truth Or Dare - 29 I Don't Need Money, Honey! - 30 Lady Mermaid - 31 #Rebel - 32 The Black Cat
Electrified effects! Exciting and fashionable effects like glitter jewels, sugar in metallic, sparkling or jeans style, a holographic shimmer and polka dots combined with bright colors like rose, turquoise, blue, pink or grey-black conjure-up unique nail styles. The nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure you can touch! These are new shades in an already existing line and will cost €1,99.
01 Walk On The White Side - 02 I Nude It - 03 I'm Lost In You - 04 Cupcake Topping - 05 Pure Soul - 06 Baby Doll - 07 Hope For Love - 08  Crunchy Cake - 09 You're So Beautiful - 10 Nude Sweet Nude - 11 Nude, Dos, Tres! - 12 It's Nude, Dude!
Only nude… is sure to make the hearts of all nail polish fans beat faster this season! The I ♥ TRENDS nail polishes cover your nails in light nude shades. The selection of different colours and effects is huge. The long-lasting formula ensures permanently pampered nails. These are completely new and will cost €1,89.
01 So Lucky - 02 Sun Is Smiling - 03 I'm So Fluffly - 04 Sweet At First Sight - 05 Yummy Gummy - 06 Sparkles In A Bottle - 07 Bubble Bath - 08 No Nuts
Pure pastel! Light pastel shades are perfect for spring. The I ♥ TRENDS nail polishes are also available in soft shades –with a matt finish or with a glitter effect. Different colours are sure to fulfill all nail-wishes and thanks to the long-lasting formula with a high coverage, gorgeous styles with staying power are guaranteed! These will cost €1,89.
01 Absolute Pure - 02 Bubble  Gum - 03 Give Me Nude, Baby! - 04 Our Sweetest Day - 05 Sweet As Candy - 06 Space Queen - 07 Party Princess - 08 Whatever! - 09 #Lucky - 10 True Love
11 4 Ever Young - 12 Mandarine Bay - 13 Forgive Me - 14 Do You Speak Love? - 15 Hey, Love! - 16 Fame Fatal - 17 Juicy Love - 18 I Don't Care! - 19 Indigo To Go - 20 Beautiful Lies
21 A Whisper Of Spring - 22 I Love My Blue Jeans - 23 Wonderfuel - 24 Indian Summer - 25 Prince Charming - 26 Brazil Jungle - 27 Don't Be Shy! - 28 Hello Sunshine - 29 #Paradise - 30 Let's Get Lost
31 Electriiiiiic - 32 Discreet Agent - 33 Wild White Polish - 34 Candy Love - 35 Engaged - 36 Dare It Nude - 37 Serendipity - 38 Love Is In The Air - 39 Blue Bubble Di Blue - 40 Play With My Mint
41 Kiss Me, Freddy - 42 Frozen Kiss - 43 Girl's Best Friend - 44 On Air! - 45 Yummiii! - 46 Black Is Back
Long-lasting love! The next generation of essence nail polishes is here! The special nail polish formula provides nails with an incredibly long-lasting manicure and an amazing gel shine. The innovative colour technology offers intensive colour combined with perfect coverage. These will replace the old colour and go nail polishes and will cost €1,69
08 Like Love Birds - 09 A Hint Of Mint - 10 Pop Some Corn! - 11 Bee My Honey! - 26 Matt About You! - The Gel Top Coat - The Gel Base Coat - 27 Blurry Up! - Pro White Care
Sweet candies! The nail candies are sure to make all your nail dreams come true. They won’t just make your nails shine in the most gorgeous pastel shades, but also offer six pampering benefits. The nail polishes harden, protect your nails from daily demands, even out irregularities, have a fruity scent, dry fast and give your nails a high-shine finish. These are four new shades and will cost €1,79
On top! The nail art satin matt top coat gives your nails a fashionable silky-matt finish. Apply this cool top coat on top of your nail polish to give any colour this trendy effect. Absolutely unique! This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
The revolution in nails – easy like nail polish, amazing like gel! The innovative base coat and top coat formula improves the durability of the “gel nail polish” by 60 percent! The nails are given an extreme, long-lasting gel-shine finish without the need for an LED or UV lamp. Simply apply the gel nail polish base coat and let it dry completely. Then apply the gel nail polish in the colour of your choice and let this dry well, too. For a perfect finish, all you need now is a coat of the gel nail polish top coat – and you’re done! The nail style is easy to remove using conventional nail polish remover. Each one of these will cost €2,59.
Master of transformation! The style for hair and clothes has finally reached the nails – ombré! This pastel ombré top coat lightens the colour of your nail polish with each application. Tip: for a particularly cool look, let the nail polish on one finger keeps its original shade. Then apply one extra layer per nail to create five shades on one hand – absolutely eye-catching.  This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
Care talent… There’s an addition to the successful pro white range. The pro white care contains white tea and seaweed, which are both known for their calming properties. The nails are visibly lightened and pampered at the same time. for a natural finish.  This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
02 Keep Cool, Hotty! - Preparation Buffer - Sponge Nail Caring Oil - Corrector Pen - Care Pen - Cuticle Remover Pen - Cuticle Pusher
The successful click & go nails are available in an innovative, colour-changing version. The tips of these artificial nails in a trendy french look change their colour from light pink to high-coverage white when the temperature changes. Totally cool! Simply select the desired size, stick onto your nail and press down hard. That's it! Your nails are ready and look gorgeous – for up to three days! This isn't a new product but I cannot find the price anywhere online.
BuFFerfly… The nail preparation buffer is the secret to ultra shiny nail polish results. Effortlessly file your nails into the desired shape with the first side and then use the second side to smoothen and even out the surface of your nails. the resulting matt and smooth nail surface makes nail polish look even shinier. This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
Nail care in a flash! The quick & easy sponge nail caring oil pampers nails and cuticles with almond oil and argan oil, and provides plenty of moisture without leaving behind an oily film. Simply insert your fingers in the opening of the sponge one after the other, twist and you’re done! perfectly pampered nails in seconds!  This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
Have you messed up your nail polish? Don’t worry, it’s ok! The corrector pencil allows you to correct little mistakes. It’s also super practical when you’re on vacation as it comes with three replacement tips. This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
Vitamin e and proteins activate nail growth as well as providing nourishing care for your nail bed and cuticles. Apply to nails and cuticles and massage gently. suitable for all types of nails. This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
The pencil gently removes hangnails. Simply apply, leave on for a few moments and then push cuticles back with the special lid. Suitable for all nail types. This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
Push it! The high-quality cuticle pusher with a soft ceramic tip is ideal for preparing your nails for a long-lasting manicure. The professional tool is gentle on your nails and cuticles, and offers perfect results! This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
Concealer Brush - Lip Brush - Giant Eyeshadow Applicator - Eyelash Curler - 02 Up To The Sky
Easy to apply! The brush is the ideal aid for the application of concealer textures. No matter whether liquid or creamy – The ultra-soft and flexible bristles make a targeted application of concealer as well blending extremely easy. The slightly pointed shape of the bristles allow an especially professional and accurate application.  This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
Tool time! This practical helper allows a professional application of colour on your lips. The micro-fine nylon bristles are especially soft and allow you to fill in the contours of your lips accurately. The brush is also an ideal travel companion thanks to its sealable, reusable pouch.  This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
Giant… The soft, large sponge applicator allows a smooth application of eyeshadow on larger surfaces of the eyelid. Thanks to its special shape, you can apply your favorite eyeshadow as easily as if you were using your finger. The slim sides of the sponge can be used for a more accurate application. This will cost €1,89.
Curly lashes! The eyelash curler in a pretty design ensures a gorgeous look even before you apply your favorite mascara. Perfectly curled lashes are no longer a problem thanks to the simple handling! the soft silicone pad prevents fine lashes from breaking. Includes a spare silicone pad.  This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.
The colorful hair ties sweep your hair back into a trendy ponytail. The ties are water-resistant, so they are ideal to wear when you’re participating in sporting activities. A cool bonus: the hair ties are designed in such a way that they do not leave any dents in your hair despite the ribbed structure. Two hair ties in one pack. This is a new product and I don't have the price yet.

Well, that was a lot and to be honest, I'm glad I'm done. These type of posts take a lot of time but hopefully they've given you some information. I'm most excited for the nude lipglosses, eyeshadows and lipsticks but also for the eyeshadow palettes and gel nail polishes. Which ones are your favourites?


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