Capturing London in Black & White #2

Hello my lovely reader,

Since I haven't been posting regularly during the past weeks I thought I would squeeze in another blogpost for you guys. I already showed you the photos of G's and I first day in London (read it here) and today it's time for the second day!
We started our day at Trafalgar Square (we visited this place a few times over the week) and we ate our breakfast here. The breakfast that came with the hotel was horrible so we just got food from the supermarket and ate it in the hotel room or in this case, on the edge of a fountain.

Of course we had to take photos in front of the infamous red telephone booths, really cheesy and touristy but who cares!

We wanted to take a bus ride past all the tourist attractions but that didn't really work out, we just took the bus to Piccadilly circus and when we wanted to go to Buckingham Palace we got the advice a take a tube towards St James park and walk the rest. I'm still amazed about the fact that the red two floured buses are just normal in London, I always thought they were rare and just for tourist but turns out they're not haha.
Another thing I cannot get over are the escalators, they are sooo long and tall. Is that just me a Dutch girl from a little town or is this something that's all over England. Even in Amsterdam the escalators aren't that long.

Shameless Selfie time in front of Buckingham Palace. Absolutely no shame here.

 At the huge thing in front of Buckingham Palace we ate our lunch and sat in the sun. 

After Buckingham Palace we walked to Hyde Park. I was amazed by the serenity of that place, all the noise and bustle of London was completely gone. Such a beautiful and relaxing place to walk around.
We even spotted a squirrel, they do have smaller tales here then they have where I live.

Then we sat down again to get some rest. It was really nice just to lay down, kick our shoes off and relax for a while. We even had some geese walk by (which I found really funny because it reminded me of the Aristocats).
After an hour of so we continued our day and walked to Brompton Road (G and I have an inside joke about this name, which resulted in us calling our fan Bromptom). We were blown away about the 'chicness' of all the stores here, even H&M looked expensive, and of course we went into Harrods. We didn't anything and we just walked through it quickly but wow, this is a gorgeous store. 

We went into the Victoria & Albert museum which is on the same road as Harrods. This is one of the most gorgeous museums I've ever been, the mixture between old and new is just amazing. 
After this museum we went to eat at Giraffe. This is an amazing restaurant and the waitress who served us was such a lovely girl. I really want to go back here sometime. 

After this day we were really tired and really glad to lay down in our bed. Right now I'm also laying in my bed really tired so I'm going to end this post now. I hope you liked the photos and enjoyed reading about our holiday.


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