Cacharel Catch Me

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Cacharel has never appealed to me all that much. Their scents are usually very sweet and even tough I like sweet scents, most of the times it was just too much. 'Catch Me' isn't a new scent (in launched in 2012) but it has always intrigued me.
This perfume is describes as a lively and playful scent that is perfect for summer nights. It's coquettish and youthful, rich with zesty citruses, soft flowers and gourmand flavors. Dominique Ropion is the man behind it, he has developed a hell of a lot of perfumes (like Flowerbomb, Alien, Lady Million, Trésor, La Vie Est Belle, Aqua Di Gioia and Amor Amor). 
The bottle is really cute and pretty and to me it just looks like a could with purple and silver bubbles on it. To spray the perfume you have to take the silver bubble on top off. I like the combination of purple with silver a lot, it looks very dainty and romantic.
The composition of the perfume opens with sparkling notes of Italian mandarin and petit grain. The heart is dominated by orange blossom from Morocco blended with notes of Italian jasmine and laid on the soft base of almond milk, amber and woody notes. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? Well it smells just as good. The jasmine is definitely overpowering but because of the citrus notes it's not overwhelming. Of your like me and your not a fan of jasmine, you'll probably still like it. 
The 50 ml version has a nice size, quite big but not too big to carry with you. Cacharel says that this perfume is perfect for summer nights and I cannot disagree with them. That doesn't mean you cannot wear this in the winter however, it's floraly and fresh but there is a hint of warmth in it which makes it also great for the winter time. It's a nice change for my warm winter perfumes. Just something fresh to wear during the day.
Cacharel Catch Me EDP 30 ML €39,51
Cacharel Catch Me EDP 50 ML €58,00
Cacharel Catch Me EDP 80 ML €75,00


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