Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara

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Long time no see peeps, it's been a week since I posted something and that's because I had a terrible migraine or Saturday and wasn't even able to open my eyes without knives stabbing my head. On Monday I also didn't post because I hadn't slept all night and just couldn't keep my eyes open. Therefore there weren't any post up on those days but now I'm back with a brand new post.
In today's post I'm reviewing a mascara that my mother got as a sample when she ordered something off Yves Rocher. She never really uses makeup so she asked if I wanted this mascara and of course I said yes. This is the Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara.
This is what Yves Rocher has to say about this mascara:
The brush is shaped like an eye and will perfectly align with the lash line. Each lash gets more volume without clumps and de creamy texture coats the lashes without weighing them down.
For this information I had to find the mascara on the website and was a bit surprised when I saw the price. Yves Rocher isn't that expensive but this mascara costs €17,90, which is in my opinion very expensive for a mascara. Let's see if it is worth the money.
The brush of this mascara is massive and has hairs instead of my favourite material for mascara brushes, plastic. I've tried several mascaras with this sort of big brush and I never really like any of them. Usually these type of brushes give my lashes volume but also clump them together and make a mess all around my eyes. 
without mascara - with mascara
I have to say that I'm quite impressed with it. It give my lashes a lot of volume, quite a lot of length and it also separated them nicely. This mascara might not be the cheapest but the quality is definately nice. The only thing I don't like it the size of the brush, this makes it almost impossible to apply mascara without getting black dots all over my lid. This is however easily resolved by using a dry cotton swab and wiping them away (once the mascara has dried).

This is a nice mascara but because of the price I wouldn't but it again. I think €17,90 is just too expensive for a mascara, even if it's a good one like this. If you are interested however you can order it here or go to the an Yves Rocher store. It's available in the shades black, blue and brown.


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