The Body Shop Fijan Water Lotus Shower Gel & Shea Body Butter

Hello my lovely readers,

A few weeks ago G and I went to an event from The Body Shop and even though it was kind of awkward, we had a nice time and obviously bought some stuff. In fact, we bought enough to recieve a goodybag! Today I'm reviewing the products I got.
The products I'm going to be talking are a shower gel and a body butter. I bought the shower gel but the body butter was in the goodybag. The shower gel has a special story to it but I'm going to start with the body butter (mwoehaha I'm so mean).
This is the body butter with the shea butter scents. As far as I can remember, I've never tried any products with shea butter in it so I was very curious. Turn out, I like this scent. It smells very warm and nutty and is therefore really good for this time of the year. Normally I'm not such a big fan of nutty scents but this one is really nice. I've tried a lot body butter from The Body Shop and this one is just as good as the other, just with a different scent.

Moving on to my favourite of this review, the Fijan Water Lotus Shower Gel. I smelled this for the first time when I was in London but didn't buy it back them because I was spending way too much. Since then it hasn't left my mind and now I finally bought it. The scent is really hard to describe, it's warm, fresh and flowery at the same time but that isn't a good enough description. On the back it says that this product is infused with Fijan water lotus extract. It's an aquatic fragrance blend of water lotus and frangipani accords (didn't now what this was, turn out it's a tree with fragrant flowers) inspired by the paradise-blue waters of Fiji. Well that obviously doesn't give you a good description because I don't think anybody knows what water lotus or frangipani smells like, you'll have to trust me (and G) on my word that this smells amazing! The scent doesn't linger on my skin after I've taken a shower but there is  body butter and a eau de toilette available as well so you can layer them if you want too.

It is that I some body butter/lotions left but otherwise I would run straight back to the stores and buy the body butter as well (let's forget about the fact that that one costs €18,00). For now I'm totally fine with the shea body butter which is currently on sale for €10,00 and the Fijan Water Lotus Shower Gel which also costs €10,00. I hope I've convinced you to buy something from the Fijan Water Lotus line because I haven't read anything about this wonderful scent anywhere and I think it should get way more attention. Go check it out and buy it if you're not able to resist (like me)


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