October Haul + a little personal update

Hello my lovely readers,

No favourites this month, on this first day of November I'm going to show you the clothes I got on my most recent shopping trips. About two weeks ago I went to Forever 21 when I had a couple free hours in Amsterdam and last week I also went shopping in Amsterdam but this time with a friend. Then I also made a trip to Primark and here are all the things I bought. Starting with my first trip to Forever 21.
The four tops are the things I got during my first time in Forever 21 (I also bought a dark blue skinny and some simple black tank tops. The first one is a white floral baggy top with three quarter sleeves and a zipper on the back. The second top is a nave top with tropical flowers and white letter on it, also a little bit baggy. The third one is a tartan top that's a little shorter then normal tops. The last thing I got on that trip is a grey cardigan.This trip was a while ago and therefore I don't have the prices anymore.
Then I went shopping with my friend, planning on buying a lot but went home with only three items. A pair of black jeans and the items above.On the left you see a pair of burgundy tribal sweatpants which are amazingly comfortable and on the right you see a basic grey tee that's really, really soft. I have been on the hunt for a basic grey t-shirt and I've finally found it. Of these items I do have the prices. The black skinny jeans were €7.00, the sweatpants were €10.45 and the grey t-shirt was €9.95.
Owkee, I confess, I bought one other item. At a Dutch store called HEMA I bought this lovely black and nude lace bra. I don't have much more to say about this, just a pretty bra.This was €18.50.
The it was time for Primark. Since I'm a newby student I don't have that much money so after buying the other items, I had to behave myself in Primark. I only bought two tops, a blue one with three-quarter sleeve and an ugly Christmas sweater. It was just impossible to leave this little gingerbread man at the store. The blouse was €11.00 and the sweater was €12.00.
But of course I didn't leave with those two items. I also all the items in the picture above. The grey pajama pants with little white hearts is incredibly soft and was €7.00. I also bought some new fluffy socks just because these I was running low on them, these are €2.50 for two. The giant square of plaid you see in the middle is actually a scarf that you've probably seen all over the internet. I already have a plaid scarf but that one is massive and this one is more sleek and also a lot lighter. This was €6.00. I also bought new slippers, Christmas themed, I know it's early but I love them and they were only €3.00. The last two things one the photo are elastics and a candle. These are the elastics I always buy when I go to Primark because you get 50 elastics for €1.50. The candle I bought because I thought it looked very fancy and smelled amazing. The scent is called 'Sweet Pineapple & Ginger' and it smells sweet and wintery at the same time. This was €4.00.
Moving on to other stuff I bought lately, These three John Green books were on sale and since I loved the Fault in Our Stars I though I'd love these three.
I also bought some stuff to review, including these four polishes. These were also on sale (4 for €6.00) and I'll swatch these on the blog soon.
Another thing that was on sale was this mask from Dr, Van Der Hoog. I've yet to try this out but I'm hoping this will be good. This will also appear on my blog very soon.
Then finally I bought this L'Oréal lipstick (not on sale so pretty expensive) and for now it will be a secret which shade it is. Of course this will also get a review soon and then you'll know which shade autumnal shade it exactly is.

I hoped you liked reading about the things I recently bought. I'm sorry that there won't be a favourites post this month but I just don't feel inspired enough to do one. Don't know why but for the last couple of days/weeks I've been less happy then normal. I'm convinced the study I picked suits me well so that's not the problem but I'm just not happy at this point in my life. I wake up every morning and I don't want to get up, my body doesn't want to but my mind is also against it. It's not like I'm depressed or anything, I'm just not feeling 100%. I'm currently trying to get happy again by doing things I love and trying to exercise more. I did some exercises on the WII (I know how this sounds but I actually like working out that way because nobody can see me) yesterday and today I went to gym. I'm hoping this will help me to become who I used to be and also to get less tired again. The last moment I was truly happy in my life was this summer. I had two amazing holiday and it puts a smile on my face just thinking back at that amazing time. Maybe I'll do a post on my personal situation soon but I'm not sure what I want to share and if I'll be able to do this. If you have any tips on how to get happy again, please share them with me because I'm really not sure what to do now. 


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