Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish: 'Be Berry Now!' & 'Do You Speak Love?'

Hello my lovely readers,

I'm back! After almost a full week full of studying I'm back on writing blog posts. Still having an autumn-dip (I've decided that that's what it is) but I couldn't wait to write reviews about some of the products I picked up recently. In my October haul (click here) you saw four nail polishes from Essence and today I'm showing the first two of those.
The two I'm showing today are '113 Do You Speak Love?' and '175 Be Berry Now!'. They're both super autumnal shades and I've especially been loving 'Do You Speak Love?' lately. Let's take a look at them.
Out of the four I put these two together because they are both reddish creamy shades. 'Do You Speak Love?' is a true red that's completely opaque in two coats, something you rarely see with red polishes. 'Be Berry now!' is a like the name suggests berry shade and just like the red one, it's opaque with two coats.
Well the first two polishes are a good buy, the shades are gorgeous and the quality is better then I expected. I have several nail polishes from Essence and some of them last longer then other ones, these two definitely belong in the first category. These might not last a whole week but when you're wearing them, you for sure good for a couple of days.


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