Capturing London in Black & White #1

Hello my lovely readers,

It's finally here, my London posts! G and I went in August but never got around to show the photos I took in a blogpost. Well now I'm finally sharing them in the first post of 'Capturing London in Black & White. I personally love black and white photography because it makes even the simplest photo look epic and I just love the look of it. Get ready for a lot of photos of the first day we spend in the beautiful city of London.
We started of our journey in Nottinghill, Portobello Road to be exact. Somewhere on the internet we had read that there was a market all week, well that wasn't true. There weren't any stalls or anything but this part of London was truly beautiful. 
I only noticed this recently but that guy in the bottom right of the photo is totally photo bombing me! 

We laughed so hard about this little sign, Anti-climb paint, hilarious! 
We both love art a lot so we were very excited about all the amazing street art in Notting Hill, we even spotted a real Banksy!
After that we went to Covent Garden and Leicester Square where we just chilled.
This is one of my favourite photos of the trip, it's just a basic selfie but we look so happy. It's the visualization of how I felt when we were in London. 

Then we made our way Trafalgar Square, this place grew to be one of my favourite places in London. It's incredibly beautiful but I just felt at peace there. All the nice statues and the beautiful building, such a gorgeous place to just sit, eat and relax.Look it's the Netherlands! 
We did hop into the National Gallery really quick but we were so overwhelmed that we went out after 15 minutes (to go back in a few days later).

I absolutely love this photograph. It's a London trademark but shown in a different way, just peeking around the corner of the incredibly tall statue of Napoleon.

And that was what we did on our first day in London (or actually the second since we arrived the day before). I'm going to do more of this 'Capturing London in Black & White' posts in which I will go through every day we spend in this amazing city that I fell in love with.


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