Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty

Hello my lovely readers,

Time for a perfume review today, this is a perfume that I've had for a while (read have been stealing from my mother for a while). Now my mother finally bought a new bottle and I saw my chance, time to take some photos and tell you what I think about it.
The perfume I'm talking about is 'Sheer Beauty' by Calvin Klein. Here are the notes:
Top notes: Bergamot, bellini and red berries
Middle notes: Lily, peony and jasmine
Base notes: Vanilla, sandalwood and musk
It's a fresh scent that's perfect for the summer/spring time but because of the musk, sandalwood and vanilla it's warm as well. I personally don't like jasmine but luckily this flower isn't overpowering. 'Sheer Beauty' is a fresh scent that can be worn all year around.
Just like the scent, the bottle is gorgeous. The bottle is light pink and for some reason it reminds me of a feather. It just looks light and dainty even though the glass of the bottle is quite thick. I also really like the lid, compared to the rest of the bottle the lid looks very robust and though. I like contrasts like this a lot.
This isn't a new perfume but I still wanted to show it to you because I love it. Another great thing about it is the price, for 30ml you only pay € 48,83 which is definitely not that expensive for a perfume like this. I can highly recommend this perfume to anyone who's looking for a fresh scent with some warmth to it. 



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