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Hello my lovely readers,

I thought it would be fun to start this week off with a cheeky little tag. The tag I'm going to be doing today is not new or anything but it's perfect for this time of the year, it's the 'Sweater Weather Tag'.
This tag is what we would cal in Holland 'gezellig', this is one of the words that doesn't exist in English but it describes this tag perfectly. If I had to describe this word I would say, imagine you're sitting around the fireplace having a good time with your family and/or friend, then it is 'gezellig'. Do you get it? Probably not but you know what they say, Dutch people are weird... Getting back on topic...
1. Favourite Candle Scent?
I'm guessing you'd have to name a candle from Bath & Bodyworks in this question but that's a bit hard for me since we don't have this store in the Netherlands. I do however have two candles that I love at the moment. The first one is from a Dutch store called Kruidvat and it's called 'Apple Cinnamon', for me this is autumn in a jar. The other one is the 'Sweet Berry & Patchouli' candle from Primark which smells sweet,fruity and warm, also perfect for autumn.
2.Coffee, tea of hot chocolate?
Well I don't drink coffee and I never cared much for tea so this is easy for me, hot chocolate. I love me some good hot cocoa.
3. What's the best autumn memory you have?
This one is also easy, me, my parents and brothers always used to go to Austria in the autumn. We went every year for as long as I can remember but a few years ago I turned a bit rebellious and refused to go (I eventually went and was grumpy the whole week). Now I regret that though, Austria is such a beautiful county and I should have enjoyed is much more. Despite this, those holidays to Austria are my favourite autumn memories.
4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
I personally wear winged eyeliner all year long so that's not really a makeup trend to me. Autumn is for me the time to bring out the dark lipsticks and this year forms no exception. My current favourite is 'Josephine's Joy' from Catrice.
5. Best Fragrance for autumn?
Í don't know if I'm supposed to name a perfume or a scent so lets do both. My favourite autumn perfume is definitely 'Ricci Ricci' from Nina Ricci and my favourite scent is one that you probably don't know if your from outside the Netherlands, pepernoten!
6. What is autumn weather like where you live?
Like I said many times in this tag, I'm from the Netherlands. Autumn here in the 'lage landen', is rainy, windy and quite cold. The trees turn into beautiful colours but the leaves quickly disappear due to the hard wind. I love autumn, as long as I don't have to leave my house.
7. Most worn sweater?
This is a question that I had to think about for a while, but I think it's my dark blue over-sized sweater from Pimkie. This is a really big navy sweater that's mega cozy and warm. I usually wear it with grey or black skinny jeans and my gold/black tribal necklace from Primark. For me one of the most comfy autumn outfits.
8. Must-have nail polish this autumn?
I cannot choose between two polishes. They're both from Essie and they are both dark and reddish yet very different. The first one is 'Recessionista' and this is a dark burgundy/wine shade which is my favourite basic polish in the autumn. If I want something more fancysmancy I go for 'Leading Lady' which is red glittery one and also perfect for the autumn time.
9. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Here in Holland we rarely play American football, we play football/soccer. I recently went to my first match and I loved it but I do have to go for jumping in leaf piles. I absolutely love hearing the sound of walking through leaves and when there is a big pile of leaves I always have the urge to kick them around. Sometimes I resist and sometimes I don't, who cares about the weird looks you get?
10. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Definitely skinny jeans, I refuse to wear leggings and I think more people should do that. I just don't get why so many people love this trend. Don't they feel as uncomfortable in them as I do? Worrying about camel toes and wabbely butts? It looks cool if your really skinny but if your not miss supermodel you should just stay far away from the legging trend. (no offense if you do love leggings)
11. Combat boots or Uggs?
Neither, I usually wear little ankle boots or sneakers and not one of these two options. I've never own a pair of combat boots and you'll never ever find a pair of Uggs in my closet. Uggs should only be worn when there's snow outside and they're way too expensive for that.
12. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
I don't really know the answer to this question because I never had one. The reason why is simple, I do not like coffee at all (even though I love the smell).
13. Favourite fall TV show?
I confess, I'm an addict when it comes to watching series but I do have some favourites. Reign was my favourite last year and the second season is just as amazing, I absolutely love this show! Another serie that I love is the Vampire Diaries, I didn't love the fifth season as much as much as the previous ones but so far season 6 is really good. Also Revenge and Chicago Fire are amazing at the moment. Other series that I've loved during previous years and that I need to catch up with are Once Upon a Time, Revolution, The Originals, New Girl.
14.What song gets you into the autumn spirit?
I don't really have a song that puts me into the spirit but I do have some albums. The album from AWOLNATION is one of my favourites for autumn/winter and I'm currently in love with the album by Twin Forks. Their music just makes me so happy and gets me out of the autumn dip. I should also mention the album Hylas from Thomas Azier since I loving that as well at the moment.

And that was it for the tag, I hope you enjoyed this Monday reading and please answer the questions as well in the comment section. I'd love to read yours! Since I live in Europe and therefore don't celebrate thanksgiving I removed question 6 from this tag  but feel free to answer that as well.

Have a lovely autumnal day,

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