Sleek Pomegranate Blush

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I have a review of a blush for you guys, a review of a Sleek blush to be exact. In London I was looking for a pretty nude-ish blush but I did not find anything that I liked. Instead I bought a blush that's a bit more daring.
I've never tried a blush from Sleek before but I did try one of their eye shadow palettes (review). The pigmentation of that palette is amazing and I hope this blush will be just as good. I went for a autumnal shade called 'Pomegranate' let's take a look at it.
This blush has a fancy, black sleek looking packaging (ow that's really bad I know), it makes the product look expensive and luxuries. The inside of the lid is completely covered with a mirror, very nice.
There is something with this blush that makes it extremely hard to take a good swatch photo of it, it is not extremely shimmery or anything but my camera just wouldn't focus. Still the photo gives you a good impression of the colour of the blush, I don not know how to describe it but I think rusty purple comes closest. It is not really a pomegranate colour because then it should be more red, but I get where the name comes from. I think this shade is very pretty to wear in the fall.
When your applying this blush you have to be very careful. It's very pigmented and you quickly end up looking like a clown (a clown with a pretty blush). I was right about the fact that this was an autumnal shade, the rusty tone that it has really complements those dark rich shades you usually wear in the fall.
I think this is a really pretty blush but I doubt if I wear it a lot. It's so pigmented that you have to be careful with applying it and I'm not very patient in the morning. I bought this blush  while I was in London for £4,49.


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