Pinspiration #1: Autumnal Makeup

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I'm doing something that's a little bit different and that will become a regular thing on my little beautyblog. I'm a little bit of a  Pinterest-addict and I know I'm not alone. I can spend hours on that website just pinning stuff I like or that I find pretty but I never do anything with those pictures. Therefore I'm introducing Pinspiration. I know that this isn't the most original title but for now I'm going with that name. In each Pinspiration post I'm basically going to be showing you ten photos I've pinned around a certain theme, starting with Autumnal makeup. Enjoy!

Hopefully you were able to find some inspirations in these autumnal looks (I know I did) and please let me know what your favourite makeup look for the fall-season is. Mine is a dark red lip with a neutral copper toned eyeshadow on the eyes. 
I hope you liked this post!


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  1. My favourite makeup look for fall: neutral eyes, dark brows and pink-nude lips :)