MUA Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my lovely readers,

I bought this palette while I was in London but I didn't use it until a week ago. This was because I had a lot of reviews planned before this one. When I finally saw this review on my planner I got really excited, I'd forgotten about that I bought this palette. I started clicking with my camera and swatching on my wrist. Now I've tested this palette for a few days and I've fallen in love with it.
Like I said, I bought this palette in London but it's also available here in the Netherlands. It's called 'Heaven & Earth' and it's full of neutral, autumnal shades.

This palette comes in sleek black packaging (just like most palettes from MUA) and has a clear lid. This is supposed to be useful but if you're like me and you store your palettes standing up straight, it won't help you anything.  I personally label all of my palettes so that I can easily see which one I want.
The shades in the top row:
Aurora - Amazonian Bronze - Babylon - Myan Dust - Valley - Golden Sand
The bottom row:
Rift - Amber Dune - Catacomb - Tectonite - Canyon - Bedrock
I'm very happy with the swatches of these eyeshadows, they are gorgeous. I will not go into detail about every shade but for some reason the names in combinations with the shades remind me of Scandinavia. Is it just me or do you get me?

For the look I made I used four shades out of the palette. I started by applying 'Golden Sand' all over my lid and 'Valley' into my crease. In my inner corner I used 'Myan Dust' and on my brow bone I dusted some 'Aurora'. On the outside part of my lower lash line I applied 'Valley' and on the inside part 'Golden Sand'. To finish it I made a winged eyeliner and some thick coats of mascara. The eyeliner is used is the Catrice Liquid Liner in '010 Dating Joe Black' and the mascara is the Lash Extension Volume Mascara, also from Catrice. I'm personally very proud of my eyeliner, sometimes you have days that it just goes perfectly.

I'm very glad that I picked this palette up, the shades are perfect for this time of the year and the shades are gorgeous. You can create so many looks with this palette, from neutral day looks to heavy smokey eyes to wear at night. I'm a fan of the MUA palettes and this definitely isn't a let down for me. You can buy this palette at the drugstores for €5,99/£4,99. 


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