Essence How To Make Nude Eyes Make-Up Box

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Some of my Dutch readers might have heard it already but Essence (and Catrice) have renewed some of them shelves. In selected stores the shelves are now three meters long, compared to the usually one meter shelves, that's really big. This also means that there are loads of new products and you can imagine that I couldn't contain myself. During the following weeks I will review all the products I got (and there are still a few London reviews to come) and today it's time for the first one.
One of the first products I put into my basket is this make-up box from Essence. There are five different versions of this box and the one I got is called 'How To Make Nude Eyes'. 
This box is made out of cardboard and feels really sturdy. It looks really similar to the packaging of Benefit or the Balm and I'm still not sure if I like it. I think I do like this packaging from Essence because it's so cheap however, I do think that Benefit or the Balm are to expensive to have such types of packaging. This doesn't take the fact away that this make-up box looks adorable. Also there are two card included on which you find instructions on how to use the box. On one side you find them in German and on the other side you can read it in English. I like this, it's really convenient for those of you that are just starting out with makeup.
Inside the box you find (like I said) two card with instructions, a mirror, a little brush and six different shades of eyeshadow. It looks like all the shades are very glittery but I don't really mind, as long as you apply them right, shimmer is always good. Let's take a look at the swatches.
Eye Light Beige - Go For Gold - An Eye On Apricot - All About Nude - Nude Night Out - Team Nude
The pigment of these eyeshadows is amazing don't you think? Only the lighter shades are less pigmented but that's okay because that makes them the perfect highlighters. Like I suspected, every single shade has shimmers in it, some more then others. Luckily the glitters/shimmers don't make the eyeshadows crumble, on the contrary. The texture of these shadows is and feels amazing, really buttery and nice, it reminds me a lot of the MUA eyeshadows. 
  • Eye Light Beige: a light beige with a sh*t load of glitter.
  • Go For Gold: a shimmery gold (like the name suggests).
  • An Eye On Apricot: a peachy beige with gold shimmers, it looks a little bit like rose gold. 
  • All About Nude: a shimmery grayish/brown shade.
  • Nude Night Out: a dark cool-toned brown with some shimmer.
  • Team Nude: a bronze brown that leans a tiny bit to the coppery shade.
I decided to put the instruction cards to the test as well. There is one for an every day beauty look and one for that's called eyes night out. I chose the night out one.
I did exactly what the card said and I have to say that I quit like it. The result is very shimmery but in a pretty way. The eyeshadows were nice to apply and they blended really well. This however isn't really a night out look for me, I would wear this to school and stuff but for a night out I would add darker colours and eyeliner. However, if your just starting with makeup, this is a nice look to begin with. It's really simple and still very neutral. 
I'm glad I picked this palette but I don't I'll buy the other versions as well. The box takes up a lot of space and if you already have a lot of eyeshadows like I have, this isn't anything new. The other ones also didn't seem like an addition to my collection. If you don't have a lot of makeup these boxes will be perfect for you, they're cheap, have great quality and come with instruction to teach you how to use them. The other boxes are: 
  • How To Make Brows Wow
  • How To Make Your Face Wow
  • How To Make Smokey Eyes
  • How To Make Bright Eyes
You can buy the Essence Make-up Boxes for €5,99.


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