Chanel Plumes Précieuses Christmas Collection

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I'm showing yet another Christmas collection to you guys, this time not from a budget brand but from one of the most luxurious brands, Chanel. The Collection is called 'Plumes Précieuses' and as the name suggests it's all about feather ('plumes' means 'feathers' in French).

Exclusive Creation Camélia de Plumes €56,00
This highlighter is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, yes I know I wrote that in captions but there are no words for this beauty, I't seriously expensive but I'm seriously doubting of buying this. This cool highlighter has the pattern of a camellia made out of feathers and a platinum finish.

Les 5 Ombres €52,00
Oiseaux de nuit 
A pretty palette that's perfect for a Christmas collection, the shades are pretty but you'll have to like cool colours for this. The shades are inspired by 'birds of the night' and even though I have no idea what night birds actually are (maybe owls?), I do understand the name. It's a pretty palette but not for me.

Illusion d'Ombre €30,50
847 Envol 
This is a light peachy eyeshadow that will probably be very natural on the eyes, perfect to make a subtle look on Christmas eve.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof €24,00
987 Or Blanc 
This white gold eyepencil is perfect to wear on the waterline to make your eyes pop. It's a nice addition to the collection but not a showstopper.

Joues Contraste €39,00
180 Caresse
A blush cannot be missing from a collection, this pretty peachy one will look good with most looks and I think this would be a very pretty blush to wear everyday.'

Rouge Allure Lipstick €33,00
227 Volage - 337 La Flamboyante
There are also two pretty lipsticks in this collection, a natural pink and a matte red, both pretty but not very special.

Le Vernis €23,00

687 Phenix
The last item in this Christmas collection is a pretty Santa red, very suitable.

This Christmas collection is one of the prettiest that will come out this winter. Here in the Netherlands this will hit the shelves today and maybe just maybe I'll pick up the highlighter (if it's still available when I get my salary at the end of the month).
Let me know which products you'll be picking up (or are very high on your wishlist)


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