Catrice Viennart Limited Edition

Hello my lovely readers,

Last week I showed you the Christmas collection from Essence (read it here) and today it's time for my other favourite budget brand, Catrice. This 'Viennart' collection might not seem like a typical Christmas collection but I love it, it's something different.
The products are glamorous and gorgeous but like I said, not very christmassy. The collection is inspired by art nouveau and jugendstill and really looking forward to this collection because the pictures look amazing.  
Baked Eyeshadow €3,99
Pearly Plastering - Stunning Stucco - Lovely Lace
Baked eyeshadows with a gorgeous lace pattern in three beautiful shades. I'm really hoping these will be highly pigmented with a metallic finish, that would be amazing. These are a little bit overpriced if you'd ask me but maybe they'll be worth it.

Shimmer Lip Colour €3,99
Nude Nouveau - Klimt's Gentle Kiss - Klimt's Ardent Kiss
I absolutely love the packaging of these lipsticks but I don't think I'll be picking these up, I'm just not a fan of shimmering lipsticks. I'll probably give them a quick swatch in the store and leave them right where they are, this is item is a little bit of a miss if you'd ask me.

Scented Powder €4,99
Only for the looks of this beauty I would buy it, can you imagine how pretty this would look on top of your vanity? This powder smells like flowers and when you spray this onto your face and neck it will give you beautiful highlights.

Powder Blush €3,99
Floral ornARTment
This apricot/nude blush is one that I'll definitly pick up. Catrice blushes are usually amazing and this one looks really pretty, I think this will be sold out very quickly.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer €2,99
ARTfull Red - Pearlescent Purpose - Vienna Rose Woods - LilART Lily
Four nail polishes that look amazing. The flowerdetail on the bottle looks really nice and the shades also look very promising. Every nail polish will have a different finish but Catrice hasn't realeased what those actual finishes will be. By the looks of this photo I think 'ARTfull Red' and 'LilART Lily' will definitely find their way into my basket.

Mirror €3,59
This little mirror is a nice little touch to this collection but I don't think I'd buy this. I already have too many mirror and I don't this will be very sturdy. This looks very pretty though.
In Holland this collection will the stores at the fifteenth of November and will be there until the end of December. I don't know the specifics for other countries. My favourite at this point is definitely the blush, what's yours? 


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