Catrice Lash Extension Volume Mascara

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Mascara, the one makeup products almost every day wear every day, including me. I rarely leave the house without mascara (even though I have no problems to go bare-faced). Catrice has in my opinion, the best budget mascaras and a few weeks ago they released this new one.
This mascara is called the 'Lash Extension Volume Mascara' and it has little fibers in it that will elongate your lashes. I've never been a big fan of mascaras with fibers in it but I felt like I needed to give this one a try.
The packaging of the mascara is sleek and looks chic. The shiny black packaging with silver details looks really sophisticated and I like it.
The brush is long and sleek (just like the packaging) and you can clearly see the fibers in the formula. It's designed to work precise and easy. Catrice promises this brush will reach each individual lash and covers it with a deep-black texture. The fibers are supposed to enhance the lash-lengthening effect and will make your lashes stand out for their stunning length and curl.
The mascara elongates and blackens my lashes nicely but that about all it does. it doesn't curl them at all and at the end of the day my lashes have fallen down a bit. This mascara doesn't crumble though, this stays put all day, almost like it's waterproof. I don't feel like the fibers do anything extra since my lashes don't look as long as I expected them to. When you're applying this you have to be careful though, you can quickly get spider lashes because the mascara is quite thick.
This is a fine mascara but I wouldn't repurchase it I think, it's nice but not special. For €3,99 you can most certainly give it a try but I'd say you can better buy the Glamour Doll Mascara, that one is better (read my review of that mascara here).


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