Revlon Matte Balm 205 Elusive

Hello my lovelies,

Do you remember the review I wrote on Showy, matte balm from Revlon? You can read it by clicking here and today I have a very similar review, same product different colour.
Because I already wrote a review about this product I'm not going into much detail today but I am going to show you swatches of this shade, 205 Elusive.
Showy was a very bright not very much of an every-day shade, Elusive however is a softer pinky neutral shade. They both have that minty feeling after you apply it which is usually the sign that the product works plumping for your lips.
That was it already for today's review, I'm sorry it was quite short but I felt that if I would write a whole new review, I'd just copy what I wrote before. Elusive is just as gorgeous as Showy but just a little bit tamed down.


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