Photos of France: Miscellaneous

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I'm sharing the last post with the photos I took in France with you. I have no idea if you will like this because the photos are pretty random but I do hope you enjoy looking at them.
This is what happens if your little brother steals your camera, random photos in a French Mcdonald's. There are plenty more of them but those are too weird for the internet. 
Every morning the camping where I stayed organize aqua gym. I only participated once with a few friends I met there but it was hilarious. I'm the one in the middle with the pink floating-thing.
On one of our many tours through the countryside I spotted this little monastery, unfortunately it was closed but it looked so cute. It was a big bummer that we couldn't get in.
This beautiful gate I found in a little village that I cannot remember the name off is just absolutely gorgeous. The blue door with the pink flowers forms a beautiful contrast and it just looks like a whimsical passage to a different world to me.
The camping where I stayed had a small but beautiful pool with an astonishing view of a valley. This was my fourth time on this camping and I cannot get enough of this view. It's such a beautiful place and the people are really nice, I've made a couple of really good friends over the years that I still talk to regularly (French, Dutch and Belgium). I really hope I can go back there sometime because it's one of my favourite places in the world.
This was my last 'Photos of France'-post and I hope you enjoyed them as I enjoyed looking back on my holiday.
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