Photos of France: A little village and a big tower

Hello my lovely readers,

More then a month ago I did a post on holiday in the south of France (read it by clicking here) and I said I would do more. Well... I forgot it a little bit about it, but now I'm starting again. During the next week I will upload photos of my holiday starting today with some photos I took in a tiny village (I have no idea how it's called) and on top of a huge tower in Crest. 
This little village was soo cute! It was on top of a hill and you had the most incredible views while walking through it. It was very small and I think there were only 10 houses (max) and a church, that was all.
I also found some donkeys, I don't know what it is about these animals, they are just awesome. These two beauties started braying very loud and it was hilarious, I'd never hears a donkey bray before but at first I thought my little brother was doing it. It's one of the weirdest sounds that I've ever heard and it made me love these animals even more!

After that little village, we went to the tower of Crest, this is the highest dungeon in France. On top of this tower (52 meters) you have amazing panoramic views and if your ever nearby and I highly recommend it, it's gorgeous. The dungeon has had many uses over the years, it has been a residence for lords, a fortress, a prison and it's nickname used to be the 'Bastille of the South'. Inside an art exposition was going on with very unusual but pretty installations, I absolutely loved it.
I hoped you liked this second installment of my 'Photos of France'-series because there are a few more to come.
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