Photos of France: Avignon

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While I was on my holiday to France I also went to the very touristic city; Avignon, known for it's palace and the famous bridge and the song about this bridge.
Sur le Pont d'Avignon
L'on y danse tous en rond
I have no idea if I wrote that right but I think this is the lyrics of the verse of that song (my French friend tried to teach it to me, without success). 
Even though I took quite some makeup with me on my holiday, I haven't worn a lot of it. I went makeup-less for most of the days and otherwise just a little bit of mascara.
On the left you can see the palace of the pope (before they went to Rome), further in this post you'll see the inside but first we went for a walk through the gardens to the bridge.
This is the famous bridge of Avignon, 'Pont Saint-Bénéze'. It was build between 1177 and 1185 and forty years later it was destroyed when Louis VIII laid siege on the city. In the middle of the 17th century the bridge was abandoned and the four arches that are still standing were build in 1345 by pope Clement VI. We didn't go onto the bridge because it was quite expensive to go with five people, we did have a pick-nick on the spot where I took the photo above. 
This is the palace of the popes; 'Palais des Papes'. Before the popes went to the Vatican in Rome, this was their residence. It's a huge medieval castle and I believe it costs €11 to go in but it's most certainly worth it.
Inside the palace, the German artist Stefan Szczesny had an exhibition. It was really weird to see such Picasso-like painting in such an old building but I liked it, the contrast was nice and for some reason it worked. 
Inside the palace there was a huge chapel and the views from the roof were just stunning. Even though everything was medieval, everything said luxury. You could really see that an important person, in this case a pope, had lived here. In the fourteenth century a lot of chambers were destroyed in a big fire and it was really cool to see all the blackened walls, sad at the same time because a lot of great art has been destroyed in that fire. Weird to see how such a horrible thing can be so interesting and kind of cool. 
After the palace we wandered through the city, it's one of the most beautiful cities that I've visited in my life. So many little pieces of art in between the old buildings. There are a lot of tourists but if you wander off the busy streets, you can find the most beautiful hidden places. I hoped you liked this third installment of my 'Photos of France'-series because I have one only more to come.
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