NOTD: Barry M Nail Paint '423 A Bikini'

Hello my lovely readers,

It's time for a good old NOTD (nails of the day) post for you. Today I'll be showing you a nail polish that I got a while back when I was visiting London. This Barry M Nail Paint is part of a summer limited edition so you'll have to be quick if you want it because it won't be in stores for much longer I think.
This nail polish is called 'A Bikini' or just 'Bikini, I'm not sure and I've seen both ways. I bought this because it looked very similar to one of my favourite nail polishes, 'Bikini So Teeny' by Essie. That Essie polish is getting old and will soon be thick or dried out and I was hoping that this one will be it's replacement.  Unfortunately I saw they weren't even close when I compared the two withe each other.
'Bikini' is still very pretty, it's a cornflower/periwinkle  shade and I really think. It's completely opaque in two coats and it lasts quite good, it didn't even chip when I was opening cardboard boxes at work. After two days it did chip a little bit but not in a way that you want to take your nail polish off right away.
I'm very happy that I bought this polish even though it's not exactly what I hoped for, it's still a gorgeous colour. This nail polish costed £3.99 but it was a limited edition so I don't exactly until when/if it's still available. If it is I can certainly recommend it to you because it's very gorgeous.


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