Catrice Check & Tweed Quattro Baked Eyeshadow: Town of Crown

Hello my lovely readers,

This month Catrice came with a new limited edition called 'Check & Tweed'. Halfway though August I wrote a post about this limited edition (read it here) and back then I said that I was really looking forward to the lipsticks and eyeshadow quattro's. When I was swatching the products in the store I decided that I was only going to pick up one of the quattro's. The colours of the 'Velvet Lip Colour's weren't my taste at all (too brown) but the eyeshadows looked gorgeous. I really wanted to but both of the quattro's but because I didn't know what the actual quality was I settled on one. Let's take a look at 'Town of Crown'.
This is what Catrice has to say about the 'Check & Tweed' collection. 
Brit Chic. A perfect blend of understatement, girlish charm and a hint of rebellion. Key products include the plaid trench coat, the classic pencil skirt and shirt dresses with clear-cut silhouettes, traditionally crafted and made of the finest materials. Numerous international designers have interpreted and combined these fashion classics in completely new ways that pay homage to aristocratic style. From mid September until mid October 2014, the Limited Edition 'Check & Tweed' is offering matching beauty products to go with the British way of life.London is calling.
I recently visit London and that made me extra excited for this collection, ever since I went to London I've been obsessed with everything that has to do with it, including this language. 
This eyeshadow comes in a cardboard box that closes with a little magnet. Just like the Chanel quattro's, these baked eyeshadows have the shape of little bubbles and Catrice has provided a plastic cover to protect them. 
There are four shades, a champagne, a petrol, a brown and a apricot. All of them are loaded with shimmer and they are pretty well pigmented. I'm quite impressed because I haven't tried many eyeshadows from Catrice that was this pigmented.
This is the look I created with the quattro, on the photo it looks quite light and washed out but in real life, the colours are quite vivid. I think 'Town of Crown' has some really good autumnal shadows in it and they are perfect to create a nice smoked eye look. 
I'm very glad that I decided to pick this quattro up but I don't think I'll be getting the other one as well. I mean, the quality is quite good but it hasn't blown me away. The shadows blend nice but on the eyelids the pigment is a little less intense, still very nice but not as intense as I'd hoped. 
This palette  costs €4,59 and I think it's definitely worth it, I wouldn't pay much more but it's a nice quattro for that price.


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