The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee

Hello my lovely readers,

A while ago I wrote a review about a body butter by The Body Shop in the blueberry scent (read it here). I bought it back then in the sale and just after that I also purchased the scrub from the same line, also in the sale. The scrub is probably not available in this scent anymore because it did was a limited edition but I still thought it deserved a review, just because The Body Shop does have scrubs in different scents.
I'm a big blueberry fan and when I bought the body butter I knew I had to have more of the products of the line. Online I saw that this scrub was also on sale and I didn't hesitate, I put it in my basket and purchased it.
This scrub looks a lot like jam if you're asking me, it's see-through and jelly with little seed-like bits in it. I want to eat it really really bad. Turns out they're walnut shells and raspberry seeds and I have to say, I like it. The scrub is gentle but not so gentle that it doesn't do anything, it's just right.
I'm very happy with this product and I have been using it quite a lot lately, it went with me to France and I truly feel like this in combination with the body butter saved my skin from drying out. The delicious scent is also a big plus point for me, I even got a complement after I used my two babies :)
This was a limited edition so I don't think you can still buy it, but who knows, maybe there is still a place where you can but this and if you see it, BUY IT. That's an order!


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