Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner

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Today I'm  reviewing yet another products that I bought in London, this time from Rimmel. I was not planning on buying a new one but when G and I were in London my eyelinerpen ran out. Well, I do not know about you, but I cannot live without one.
The pen I picked up in Superdrug is the 'Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner' from Rimmel, a very basic black eyeliner.I do not know why I went for this one but it caught my eye and it was not expensive at all. It looks really simple, just black with some white details and it is supposed to be waterproof.
This eyeliner has a really short, stiff, small point, something different then that I'm used to. Usually the points are very long and flexible but I personally prefer this tip, it is much easier to work with. Because the tip is quite stiff, it is really easy to handle the pen and draw a perfect line.
Eyeliner swatches, usually not that interesting but they can tell you a lot about the product. It tells you about the 'blackness', the lasting power and about the way it applies. I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched this eyeliner, it is super black and it does not leak at all. Sometimes the product leaks into the fine lines of your hand but this one did not do that at all, it make a perfect small black line. The lasting powder however was not that great, a few hours after I made these swatches, I washed my hands and I was left with leaked out lines that went away with a little bit of soap. Just like that, it failed the waterproof test.
 The eyeliner is however a dream to apply, the tip works perfect and I can easily draw a thin (or thicker) line with it. Like I said, it is not really long lasting but it does hold up quite well on my eyes. At the end of the day the line looks just as it did in the beginning. The only thing that is less, is the blackness, after a few hours the black gets less intense, still black but just less (if you know what I mean).

I have not tried many eyeliner pens but this one is not bad at all, for oily eyelids this would probably be not such a good choice because it isn't that longlasting but if you are like me (read: everything last a long time on your eyes) this might be very interesting. For £3,99 you can certainly give it a try. I could not find this on Rimmel's Dutch website so I do not think this is available here but if you are living in England or America, this is available in a lot of drugstores.

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